Windows 7 default printer keeps changing

Did you notification your Default printer keeps transforming by itself when you have actually multiple printers configured on your computer? This is because of Windows 10 brand-new feature called “Let Windows regulate my default printer” that sets your a lot of current used printer as the default immediately. While this deserve to be advantageous for some customers, many type of others might favor to set the default printer manually. If you are looking for soptimal windows from changing default printer, You can carry out this from Windows settings or utilizing Windows regisattempt editor.

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Prevent home windows 10 from transforming the default printer

When an equipment is changing on its very own, it is usually because tright here is a setting On home windows 10 PC that allows transforming the tool to the many suitable one that it deems worthy. Lets fenable actions listed below to Turn off Windows regulate my default printer Option.

Press Windows + I to open Settings Window.Click on Devices then choose Printer & Scanners.This interchallenge lets you select the printer and also set it as default, or remove the device.Select your printer, Click on Manage and also Set as default.Now Scroll dvery own a little till you see a setup Let Windows control my default printer.When this establishing is turned On, the default printer is the last offered printer.Make sure this alternative is unchecked.


Set your default printer in Windows 10

Now go collection your default printer. You will certainly see the whole list of printers a small over this establishing. Select the printer and click the Set as default switch. It will certainly show a green tick/checknote.

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Windows 10 will not readjust it aobtain, also if you usage one more printer.If it’s a wiremuch less printer, make sure it is linked to your wireless network.The most basic means to do this is to re-do the wireless setup.If it’s wired over a USB Port, run the printer’s setup and re-add the printer. (this will automatically) install the drivers also.Open Setups, then go into Devices > Printers and Scanners Set “Let Windows control my default printer” to Off

Check your Sync settings

If the above establishing enables instantly after some time, or after a rebegin then checks your Sync settings. If the “Other Windows settings” choice is enabled in the Sync settings page, Windows would certainly sync your printer, computer mouse, keyboard and other settings.

Open Settings (WinKey + i), click Accounts, Sync your settings Disable the Other Windows settings toggle switch.

Tweak Windows Registry to set the default printer

If because of some reason above solution didn’t work-related for you, Here home windows registry tweak that helps to prevent home windows to default printer keeps altering.

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Press Windows + R, form regedit and ok to open up the home windows regisattempt editor.Backup Registry Database, then navigate to the adhering to route.HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindowsChange the value of LegacyDefaultPrinterSetting from the default 0 to 1.Having done this, Once Rebegin home windows and also set your default printer again.


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