Windows 3.1 theme for windows 7

This was one of the reasons why Steve Jobs used to quip that the difficulty with Microsoft was that Bill Gates had no taste. Thanks for reminding me.

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I hated Program Manager, however I’m type of interested.

ETA: I misreview that. I didn’t mind winfile.

Then have actually I gained news for you!

ETA: sorry, for whatever before factor the previous replies weren’t visible once I posted.

Windows Latest – 10 Apr 18

Microsoft launches Windows 3.0 File Manager for Windows 10

Microsoft has freshly introduced an open-source version of Documents Manager that shipped through Windows 3.0. While the Windows 10’s Data Explorer is a lot much better with Tabs assistance and also performance enhancements, the old Documents Manager is not poor either if...

Indeed one means it has Windows 10 beat is that it has actually visible home window sizing boundaries that deserve to themselves be resized. Tbelow are tools that expand also the sizing boundaries on Windows 10, yet it is still invisible.

I often think when I look at old UIs that we had much less genuine estate, but even more affordances ago then. Windows, and also those thick boundaries, is a great example. But inspect out old Unix environments favor CDE or Iris. We had actually docks and also virtual desktop computer navigators in 640x480. I don’t know why we had to throw all that stuff out.

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I still have actually the installers for Opus and also Bill and the Turboslug display screen savers and also MS Scenes Braintwister and also Hollytimber.

I have actually a documents hoarding problem!

If you check out the UI books from earlier then (favor Bruce Tognazzini or Ben Shneiderman) whatever was around practicality reinforced by recurring user trial and error. You had concrete numbers telling you just how much better one button style over an additional.

I remember the initially time I checked out hotdog stand earlier in the day I simply around physically dropped backward in my chair, such was the repellent power of the harsh, violent red & yellow.

There’s been a 32 little bit variation of the Victory 3.0/3.1 file manager for a lengthy time. It came through WinNT and is a pretty prevalent enhancement once folks are including points to Windows 3.11 after the Win32S update.

I suspect that this is what Microsoft patched and also released, rather than the 16 little Success 3.0 version as I believe you can ssuggest drop the variation from NT 4.0 into a 32 little variation of Windows 10 and it would certainly largely just work-related.

Ridiculous as warm dog is, it’s worth remembering that LCD display screens on laptop computers of that era were an extremely various beastern to what they are now, and also the loud themes were quite possibly designed particularly for the hardware of the moment.

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I’m reminded of archivist Otto Bettmann’s timeless THE GOOD OLD DAYS: THEY WERE AWFUL. Success 3.1 and Victory 95 sucked. New Wins suck in their own ways. Everypoint sucks. Get used to it.