Windows 10 update 1607 stuck

Advice and considerations for when Windows 10 takes a lengthy time to complete the upday or upgrade to variation 1607. Summary:Advice and also considerations for when Windows 10 takes a long time to complete the update or upgrade to version 1607.See less Advice and also considerations for once Windows 10 takes a lengthy time to finish the update or upgrade to variation 1607.

Summary:Our referrals for when Microsoft Windows 10 takes a long time to complete the update procedure to variation 1607.

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Update/update appears to stop at a percentage.

You might enrespond to a situation while updating Windows 10 to version 1607 that the upday procedure appears to end up being stuck on a details portion (EX:65% or 99 or 100%) once attempting to upgrade your mechanism from Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 or upday in between versions of Windows 10.

The upgrade process normally takes 90 minutes or much less to complete, yet there is a very little subcollection of systems, typically older or sreduced ones, wbelow the upgrade process have the right to take longer than frequently expected.

This situation is not pertained to a particular upgrade tool and also has been displayed to happen through Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant, Media Creation Device, USB media, and also ISO media.

In these instances, also if the progression percent appears stuck, the upgrade is still running. An error message need to be shown in situation of actual faitempt.

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Cancelling and also trying alternative methods is unmost likely to boost the suffer and also will certainly lead to the loss any type of upgrade progress you have already made.

Cause recommends that you wait till the upgrade completes prior to taking additionally activity.


You deserve to proceed making use of the system as normal while the upgrade is in progress. A delay of at some point in completion of the process would be highly inexplicable, but we recommend that you wait that long for the upgrade finish or to confirm tbelow is an problem.

If after 24 hrs have actually passed with the device running and connected to the internet, you must then reach out to Microsoft Support

so worries with the update/upgrade have the right to be investigated.

Steps you can try to Troubleshoot a Windows 10 anniversary upday stuck issue

Press Windows + X and also choose Control panel. Type troubleshooter in the search box and click Troubleshooting. Under System and Security, click Fix difficulties through Windows Updates. Tick Advanced > Enable and also inspect Apply repairs automatically; Tap: Run as administrator (you might have to enter your passcode first) > Then click Next to complete the process

Steps you can try to Fix a Windows 10 anniversary update stuck/reset/faientice error via media development tool

The Media Creation Tool allows you to perdevelop an in-area upgrade or a clean installation of Windows 10 anniversary upday in your device, which might assist you stop stuck, reset or update failure error.

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NOTE: If it’s not, click Change what to store to readjust the settings.
Follow the setup steps till you watch Windows 10 Setup and also select Upgrade this COMPUTER now > Click Next; Click Accept when the download finish and also make certain the installer is collection to Keep personal documents and also apps as the default behavior; Click Install to begin the update process.

Or you have the right to additionally click the connect to Downfill Windows 10 latest ISO imeras

and install it on your computer.