Windows 10 there is nothing to record

I"ve been trying for the past few hrs to get the Xbox application to feature with it"s capability to record footage. Which it seems to not favor the idea of.

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Any time I push the record switch in the Game Bar, it"ll begin for about 10 secs then stop claiming "There"s nothing to document, play some more and try again"

This happens on eextremely program or game I try.

I"m running the RTM release of Win 10, with Xbox App version 7.7.29027 if that"s of any type of significance.

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Hello Gazmale,

Thank you for posting your question on neighborhood.

I appreciate you for providing details about the concern and your efforts towards reresolving it.

This issue may happen because of corrupt app papers or settings.

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I would certainly imply you to run Windows save apps troubleshooter and inspect if it helps. Please follow these steps:

a. Type troubleshooting in the search box on taskbar.b. Click troubleshooting in the search outcomes.c. Click "View all" and then click "Windows Store Apps".d. Click "Next" and follow on-display screen instructions.

I hope this information helps.

Please do let us recognize if you require any type of further assistance.

Thank you

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The actions offered over is not also functioning for me. Whenever before I compose "troubleshooting" it searcs on the web straight away. I have no "check out all"...Not a solitary game can be videotaped by this Gamebar. When I press home windows key + G and also go to settings on the gamebar, there"s not also an alternative choose "this is not a game".

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