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Have you ever before competent that Windows 10 stuck on Signing out display screen through a white spinning circle? Do you know how to solve this problem? This post will administer 5 effective and convenient techniques for you to solve it.

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Under normal situations, once you log out of Windows 10, you will automatically jump to the login screen, you can switch to an additional user or login again.

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But occasionally once you log out of your Windows 10 account, your computer is stuck on the Signing out screen through white a spinning circle. Thus, I will share a few reliable options to gain your computer system out of the stuck display screen.

5 Methods to Fix Windows 10 Stuck on Signing out Screen Problem

If your computer is stuck on the Signing out display screen once you log off your Windows 10 account, then you need to take the complying with methods to help you obtain out of trouble.

Method 1: Force Shutdown the Computer

Sometimes it is only a one-time trouble that the computer system stuck on the Signing out display screen, so you only have to pressure the computer to shut dvery own and also restart the computer system to solve the difficulty.

You deserve to long-press on the power button of the computer system until the display screen goes babsence and then restart your computer to check whether this difficulty occurs aget.

Method 2: Boot into Clean Boot State

You deserve to solve the Windows 10 stuck on the screen difficulty by booting into clean boot sate.

Here is the way.

Step 1: Type MSConfig in the search box beside Cortana and also click System Configuration.

Tip 2: Make certain that you check Load mechanism services and Use original boot configuration under the General choice.


Tip 3: Check Hide all Microsoft services and click Disable all under Services alternative.

Step 4: Click OK/Apply and also restart your computer system.

Method 3: Check the Status of User Profile Service

User Profile Service is used for loading and unloading user propapers. As such, you cannot sign in or authorize out once the company is quit or disabled. In order to sign out Windows 10 account properly, you need to inspect whether the condition of User Profile Service is disabled.

Here is the way to check the standing of User Profile Service.

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Step 1: Press the Win and also R secrets at the same time, then click OK after typing services.msc to continue.

Tip 2: Find User Profile Service at first, then double click it to proceed.

Step3: Make certain that Startup type is collection to Automatic and also Service status is Running.


Method 4: Repair User Profile

Sometimes, if your profile has been corrupted, then Windows 10 stuck on Signing out screen. As such, you deserve to use Regisattempt Editor to settle the corrupt user profile.

Note: You’d much better develop a device picture restore suggest in advance before you usage this strategy.

Here is the tutorial.

Step 1: Type registry in the search box alongside Cortana > click Registry Editor > click Yes > navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList.


Tip 2: Check the folders beginning with S-1, if there is a folder’s name finish with .bak, you cannot sign out Windows 10 properly. And if there are two folders named as S-1-n and S-1-x.bak, then you must rename S-1-n to S-1-n.backup and rename S-1-n.bak to S-1-n.

Step3: Double click ProfileImagePath under S-1-n to inspect the worth. If the username is not the same as the corrupted user name, you should change it to the meant name.

Step 4: Then exit and rebegin your computer to check whether Windows 10 stuck on Signing out display again.

Method 5: Run System Restore

If you have developed a device regain photo suggest before, then you have the right to run System Rekeep to resolve this difficulty. Next, I will tell you how to do it.

Type recovery in the search box beside Cortana > click Recovery > click Configure System Restore > click System Restore > click Next > pick a gain back suggest > click Next > click Finish

Then you just need to wait for the procedure to complete.


According to these techniques, you have the right to resolve Windows 10 stuck on signing out display problem.

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