Windows 10 stuck on lock screen

Thewindows10isstuckat lockdisplay. i am not able to usage myKeyboardandcomputer mouse. Thereisnoresponsetokeyboardand also mouse.. Iamunabletoenterthepasswordtolog in. home windows 10 was functioning fine after the upgrade..however after that once i rebegan it... It gained stuck at the lockdisplay screen. The lockdisplay clock and also other indications prefer battery and also wifi are reflecting correctly..Cananyone help..?Istheiranyonethat isfacingexact same concern..?Help!!
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Hi Prathamesh,

Apologize for the delay in responding.

Are you able to boot to the Desktop of Windows 10?

I indicate that you do the complying with techniques one by one and also inspect if it helps:

Method 1:

Try booting right into the safe mode of the Computer and inspect if it helps. In instance the computer system is able to boot right into Safe Mode, then it indicates that a details driver/ application can have brought about this worry. You deserve to do a clean boot in Safe Mode itself and also then inspect if you"re able to boot to the Windows Deskoptimal in Normal mode. Once you get to the normal mode properly, then you deserve to continue the clean boot procedure to number outwhich applicationis bring about this problem. Refer to the complying with posts and measures to gain right into Safe Modeand to execute a clean boot:

How to perdevelop a clean boot in Windows

Note: Once you"re done with clean boot, followHow to recollection the computer to begin as usual to recollection your computer to the normal startup.

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Method 2:

Let"s try doing a Startup Repair making use of the Windows 10 disc and also check if it helps.

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Download the Windows 10 ISO on a functioning computer system and also percreate a startup repair:Boot from the Windows 10 DVD/USB. You might describe the Computer manufacturer BIOS manual for choices to set the boot priority.Restart your computer system and also start pressing the F8 vital on your key-board. You have to press F8 before the Windows logo design shows up. If the Windows logo shows up, you should attempt aobtain by waiting until the Windows logon prompt appears, and then shutting down and also refounding your computer. Note: On a computer system that is configured for booting to multiple operating systems, you can push the F8 essential once the Boot Menu appears, Use the arrow secrets to select Repair your Computer in the Modern Boot Options and also then press ENTER. If triggered, select the Windows 10 installation to be repaired, and also then click NextSelect the Language and also a key-board input strategy and also click Next off. Select a User name and kind your Password and also click OK. Under System Recoextremely Options, click Startup Repair. Note: If the repair procedure detects a difficulty when it starts Windows 10, it will certainly run Startup Repair to immediately deal with the troubles. Allow this process to complete. Startup Repair could prompt you to make options as it tries to deal with the trouble, and also if essential, it can restart your computer as it provides repairs.On the Startup Repair home window click Finish. Restart your computer system if motivated.

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You might likewise execute a System Rekeep from the same place itself to an previously point when the Computer was working fine.