Windows 10 remote desktop shift key not working

Since upgrading to v10, the shift essential is not working for first character when Remote Deskheight linked. I’m running Windows XP and also Microsoft Remote Deskpeak to my client. This was not an issue with v8 or v9.

Confirming exact same issue on Windows 8 through remote desktop computer to home windows systems. Change essential not functioning on initially character (caps lock does..)

Also confirming problem using Parallels v10 while using Remote Deskoptimal running on XP and also Windows 7 hosts. Shift vital does not occupational on first character. Needless to say this renders it exceptionally difficult to log in to remote devices.

I have actually been suffering this exact same actions because upgrading to version 10.

I opened a assistance ticket and also they pointed me to a connect to download Version 10.0.1 (27695).

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I mounted the new variation and also it seemed to solve my trouble initially, but the difficulty began happening aget.

I seem to have actually discovered a workroughly for the moment.

I discover that if I shut dvery own my online machine in Parallels Deskheight and then begin it up, I deserve to attach to remote computers using Remote Desktop from within the digital machine and my modifier secrets (change, ctrl, alt) occupational as meant.

If I “suspend” my virtual machine and also then resume it, once I affix to a remote computer system using Remote Deskheight, the modifier keys just work after keying more than one key while holding them dvery own.

For example, if I open up Notepad, hold dvery own the shift crucial and also type 3 “t” personalities, instead of it coming out as TTT, it comes out as tTT.

Again, this just seems to occur if I “suspend” my digital machine rather of shutting it down.

At leastern I have actually a workapproximately for the minute, however I prefer to usage Suspend instead of Shut Dvery own, so I have sent a follow-up message to Parallels assistance to let them recognize what I’ve uncovered.

Hopecompletely it will certainly help them recreate the concern and have the right to patch it.

Looks favor an additional workaround is to change the key-board to ‘Optimize for gaming’. This seems to deal with the remote desktop computer problem.

I witnessed that settle, too. And once I initially turned on key-board optimization for gaming, it seemed to deal with the issue.

But there should be even more to it, bereason currently it’s not functioning aacquire, also through that setting permitted.

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And my previous statements around shutting dvery own and starting up might have been premature, also.

As of this morning, that workapproximately doesn’t seem to be 100% effective, either.

It’s choose the optimize configuration works sometimes, but not others in my case.

I’ll keep functioning with support to attempt to pin dvery own exactly as soon as it does and does not work.

So, here’s my latest:

I seem to have the ability to solve the difficulty by:

* shutting my virtual machine entirely down instead of suspending * quitting Parallels Deskoptimal completely * reopening Parallels Deskheight * opening the configuration for my digital machine * on the Hardware > Mouse & Keyboard display screen, I view that “Optimize for games” is schosen * I toggle the worth to “Don’t optimize for games” and also then ago to “Optimize for games” * Start my online machine and also the modifier keys work-related as supposed in Remote Desktop

If I then suspend my online machine, quit Parallels Deskpeak and open the machine back up (without changing any kind of configuration values), then the difficulty retransforms. My modifier tricks just work-related after the second character typed while holding dvery own a modifier.

So, it looks favor it is someexactly how shedding the configuration for “Optimize for games” between one session to the next.

I have reported every one of this to assistance, so hopefully it will assist them recreate the problem.

In the meantime, if anyone else is having actually the same issue wright here it works for a while and also then doesn’t occupational, probably this workaround can assist.

I discovered this thread because I am having actually this same worry.

One thing I uncovered is that hitting the Shift key does not occupational for the initially crucial stroke however does for subsequent keystrokes. For example: hold Change and also push the letter “D”. The first letter is lower situation ‘d’ yet all succeeding are resources ‘D’. Not a solution but somepoint I observed.

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I’m experiencing the exact same problem. I used to have this issue with prior versions yet via the ctrl-crucial. Second character typed would certainly “take.” Very frustrating, and appears to eventually gain refixed in a patch, but gets re-introduced after following major upgrade. Trying the “optimize for gaming” solve, but really this must be resolved or at least clearer considering that I don’t play games on my VM.

Upday – I turned on “Optimize for Games” and then my CPU pegged and fan spun up as soon as I opened up an RDP session. Guess I’ll need to live via the stupid damaged key-board for now, or port this VM over to Fusion.

Was having actually the very same difficulty. Configure->Hardware->Mousage & Keyboard->Shortcuts->Virtual Machine->your windows’s vm->Profile->Windows Add From:Change To:Shift Works for me.

Steve –

Thanks, that worked for me.

Was having the same problem. Configure->Hardware->Mousage & Keyboard->Shortcuts->Virtual Machine->your windows’s vm->Profile->Windows Add From:Shift To:Change Works for me.

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works for me too! *happy face*

Thanks, this fixed a major headache. The shortcuts are actually very powerful – endmuch less possibilities. I ended up configuring HOME, END and a bunch of other Windows tricks


Thank, this resolved it for me too. Had to do the CTRL and also ALT too.

Just upgraded…witnessed this issue. Found this threview. Keymapping deal with shown. Thanks a lot, was not looking forward to managing this.

Perfect! Thanks so a lot – I’ve been scratching my head for weeks and wasn’t sure if it was my new VM, new 64-bit Windows 7 install, Yosemite or anything else apparently random. Finally after a concerted search tonight I uncovered this page and also voila! Problem sorted – many thanks. I also have included Ctrl, Shift, Alt etc. Perfect fix!