Windows 10 no longer activated

Finally, I try to enter my key manually; I gain this message through the exact same error code:


I"m lost… I"ve never before had an issue with this PC. :-(

How can Windows be every one of a sudden no longer activated?

And how to fix this issue?


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Hi chris_yxz,This is weird. Does your computer system have any history of being repaired in the previous or had an Operating System re-installation? The just feasible reason that I deserve to think of is if it had any kind of history, it is feasible that the system picture that was installed is not genuine (crack windows). I"ll be waiting for your response for my next suggestion, I just should confirm this first before I can suggest.
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Hi Lee L.,

Thanks for your quick answer!

The COMPUTER wasn"t repaired in the previous nor had actually an OS re-installation. I don"t think the windows could be crack because it"s a HP computer system bought at the store.

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The just point I did is upgrade it from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

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Alappropriate thank you for the confirmation. So if this is an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the product essential has adjusted to a Digital Key which is connected with your Account.Please attempt the following:- Rebegin your COMPUTER initially and then perform the following:- Press Windows essential + R. In the Run dialog box, form services. msc and hit Enter.- In the Services home window situate the Software Protection Service.- Double-click to edit its Properties.- Now click the Start switch to start the business or if it"s already running, click restart- Click Apply > OK- Rebegin the tool aobtain and if tright here is still an activation error, please run the troubleshooter aacquire and share the error code (if it"s the exact same or if it provided a various error code)

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Thank you for your advice.

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I rebegan my COMPUTER and did as you shelp however I gain the adhering to error...


Is tbelow an choice for you to add an account in the activation settings?Settings > Upday & Security > Activation > Add an accountIf so, please login with the exact same account you use before.
I watch a short article about the precise error message. Have you tried all the measures from this link:
Sure. I will likewise perform some research study below and also ask various other specialists in this forum around this. Keep me posted and also I"ll acquire back via you in a bit.