Windows 10 music stops playing when screen turns off

I bought a Surconfront Pro 4 some time back and also choose the tool a lot. It replaced the lappeak that I supplied while on the go and also traveling, and is a terrific tool all in all.

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One thing that I did not realize up until newly was that the Surchallenge behaved weird once it concerns playing music.

While you deserve to usage all kinds of programs and apps for that, the following happens once you play music utilizing desktop programs: As soon as the display screen goes to sleep (the gadget itself is still active), music stops.

As soon as you use the touchpad, kind or use the mouse so that the display becomes energetic aobtain, music playearlier proceeds.

This suggests that you cannot play music making use of desktop programs consistently while the device is idle. That is, unmuch less you change the default configuration of your device.

Note: While music is pointed out, the exact same habits happens when you play videos. If you play music videos on YouTube, those videos will certainly sheight when the power saving mode kicks in.

Play Music on a Surchallenge While the Display is Off

You may have actually noticed that the majority of Windows Store applications do not display the very same habits as soon as you play music in them.

The primary factor for this is how the Connected Standby function works on the tool. Microsoft introduced Connected Standby in Windows 8 as a method to bring a low-power state to Windows devices that works comparable to how smartphones and tablets handle things.

The attribute is not supported by all devices running Windows though, but Microsoft Surchallenge tools choose the Surface Pro 4 assistance it.

Basically, what is happening is that your PC continues to percreate specific operations while in that mode. It might inspect for new messeras, emails or various other updates, and download those if available.

Connected Standby functions mostly through Windows Store applications and also not desktop computer apps, and also that is the major factor why desktop programs will soptimal working when the computer enters the mode.

So what have the right to you do?

You have a pair of options to address the concern.

Option 1: Use Windows Store apps


Since Windows Store applications (consisting of Microsoft Edge) are not affected by the concern, you might usage them to play music even as soon as your gadget enters Connected Standby mode.

If you use internet streaming services, you may usage Microsoft Edge to play those repetitively on the device also if the power conserving mode kicks in on it.

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The screen will certainly rotate dark, however music proceeds to play regardless of that.

While this may occupational for some individuals, others might favor not to use apps for that objective.

Option 2: Disable Connected Standby


If you disable Connected Standby, Windows will certainly revert to Hibernation rather. The side-effect of the procedure is that desktop programs will continue to occupational once the display screen turns off.

A negative result of this is that it might take longer for your device to wake up which impacts when the gadget is ready for usage.

Tap on the Windows-essential, form regedit.exe and hit the Enter-crucial.Navigate to the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPowerLocate the choice CsEnabled on the appropriate side.Double-click it, and also collection its value to 0.Rebegin the COMPUTER.

This disables Connected Standby on the tool. You have the right to revert the adjust at any time by setting the worth to 1 aacquire utilizing the procedure above.

I have produced two Registry documents that you may usage to allow or disable Connected Standby on your device. This might assist you if you only need to turn off the attribute periodically, however want to use it at other times.

Download the following zip archive to your mechanism and also extract it:

You deserve to double-click on the Registry papers then to revolve CS on or off.

You may must disable automatic hibercountry as well. I indicate you attempt it initially without disabling it, and also just perform the adhering to operation once music stops playing after a while (not once the screen turns off, however once hibernation kicks in).

Use the key-board shortcut Windows-I to open up the Settings application.Select System > Power & Sleep > Further Power Settings.Click on "readjust arrangement settings" beside the active power arrangement.Select "adjust advanced power settings" on the page that opens.Find the Sleep listing, and tright here the Sleep after listing.Set it to never before by entering a time of 0 minutes.

Option 3: Google Chrome"s exclusive-mode-audio feature


If you usage Google Chrome to play music, for instance utilizing web services, then you may start it up with a parameter dubbed exclusive-mode-audio to save music playing as soon as the device enters Connected Standby mode.

Locate the Google Chrome shortcut on your mechanism.Right-click on it, and select Properties from the food selection. Note that you need to right-click again on Google Chrome in menu initially if you right-clicked on the Chrome icon in the Taskbar.Append --exclusive-mode-audio at the end of the tarobtain line, and also make certain there is a space between.Restart Google Chrome after that or start it up.

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Google Chrome must proceed to play audio from that minute on, also through Connected Standby enabled.