Windows 10 making sure you re ready to install

Feel cost-free to read listed below, yet, if you desire the quick solution, check out Marc’s updated blog short article. He’s put together a simple solution to this problem.


Updated Fix

Using the instructions from Mark Graham (
surferstylee13) I have added the latest version of devinv.dll to my upgrade media and also in my In-Place Upgrade TS, rather of uninstalling the hotdeal with (which also seems to work-related, however I don’t recognize the side effects of removing it), I’m installing the latest version which I’ve downloaded from the Windows Update Catalog.According to the file name, KB2952664 is on revision 24. I haven’t found a straightforward to find which version of the KB you have actually set up other than checking the file versions.

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Side Note

I started seeing this concern on 5/18/2018My Windows 7 Reference Image was recorded on 5/18/2017, so once I was looking via install dates for updays, I completely missed that the KB was a year old. This led me dvery own a rablittle bit hole trying to number out exactly how it was obtaining installed.

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I just found a feasible alternate root reason and workaround. I’m going to test and update if essential. and also

TL;DR – When you attempt to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 1709, the upgrade might hang at “Making sure you’re prepared to install“, or if you are installing silently, SetupHost.exe will certainly show 00 CPU intake after the initially few minutes and setupact.log will certainly not readjust in dimension and will be under 200KB. Uninstall KB2952664 and attempt the upgrade aacquire.

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Last week we were putting the last touches on our ConfigMgr Task Sequence which combines Bare Metal, Rearea, In-Place Upgrade and also Failed Image Recoincredibly right into one Task Sequence. We had actually fully tested our In-Place upgrade a month ago and whatever was working fine. After testing some alters for the other scenarios, we began re-experimentation the In-Place Upgrade scenario. I built 4 VMWare VM’s and also a Lenovo laptop to test with. I began the upqualities approximately 10 AM and also left them running. I checked earlier on them about 1:45 PM and found that they were ALL still on the Upgrade Operating System step of the Task Sequence. I invested the next 2 days trying to discover the root cause. Here’s what I found:


Note: For these tests, I offered the Windows 10 1709 base media and offline serviced media through the latest updates used. The outcomes were the very same.

When running from a ConfigMgr Task Sequence

Task Sequence Progress UI will be stuck on the Upgrade Operating System Task Sequence step indefinitelyThe last step in smsts.log will show an enattempt via the Windows setup.exe command also line however not show any progression after this entry