Windows 10 keep both files

Apps that deserve to develop records, whether they’re presentations, records, or imperiods, tend to give them a generic name. Ideally, you should rename all our documents and also give them each a appropriate name. In Windows 7, as soon as your tried to copy and paste papers to a folder that already had actually papers with that very same name , you’d obtain three options; rearea the current papers, skip the papers with the same name, or copy them both but not replace them. This last, copy and save both papers option is seemingly absent in Windows 10.

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SPOILER ALERT: Scroll dvery own and also watch the video tutorial at the finish of this short article.

The good news is, the copy and save both records alternative is still there. The negative news is it’s not as easy to usage as it remained in Windows 7. Here’s wright here it’s hiding.

Copy And Keep Both Files

When you view the copy papers dialog that cautions you that the location folder has documents via the exact same name, you acquire three options; Replace the documents in the location, Skip these documents, and also Let me decide for each file. It’s this last option that you want to click on.


When you click Let me decide for each file, a brand-new home window will certainly open. It will list the conflicting papers with their name, size, and creation date. To copy and also save both documents, you should check them in both folders.

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For example, in the screenshot listed below, to keep the file called ‘Screenshot (16)’, it requirements to be checked in both columns. If you desire to copy and store all the records, ssuggest use the collective examine box at the optimal for both folders. Click Continue and also you’re done.


File Names

The file names that are equivalent will certainly be edited so that the files you copied have a number appfinished at the finish of them. For example, if you’re copying a document named image.png to a folder that currently has a paper named picture.png in it, the duplicated file will be named photo (1).png.

For documents that have a sequential name, the number will certainly be updated. For example, if you copy a record named ‘Screenshot (16)’ to a folder that currently has a file named Screenswarm (16), the name of the duplicated file will be updated to Screenshot (17). The number will certainly depend on whatever number doesn’t create a conflict in the destination folder. If there’s already a file called Screenshot (17), Windows 10 will skip to a number that will certainly not produce a problem.

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If this appears unnecessarily complicated, it sort of is yet just bereason the copy and also keep both documents choice itself has been made facility. On Windows 7, this same naming convention was followed.