Windows 10 how do you want to open this file keeps popping up


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I double click an xml file.Windows 10 asks me "How do you want to open this file?"I make a selection and also click okI"m earlier at 2 (rince and repeat, forever before...)

If I click the "constantly use" checkbox, I even watch the icons refresh in the windows explorer, prior to the "How carry out you desire to open this file?" dialog pops earlier in display screen.

I already tried deleting all the xml keys in the registry that I could find (no concerns, I exported them first).

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I tried various programs in the dialog.Nopoint functions.

I produced a dummy file extension, and also that functioned fine... the dialog showed up as soon as, and after that it opened up in the application I picked.

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But it looks prefer somehow the file open dialog is stuck on .xml papers.

Does anyone have actually any type of clue at all?

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asked Jun 1 "17 at 14:17

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uncovered this:

Run / gpmodify.msc (edit group policy)

find and expand Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Contents now click Documents Explorer

on the appropriate panel, double click on "Do not present the "new application installed" notification" and collection it to "Enabled"

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answered Jun 1 "17 at 14:20

Gabri TGabri T
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