Windows 10 hard drive runs constantly

I upgraded to Windows 10 6 months back. As time has actually gone by, I"ve noticed my hard drive is in constant use. I recognize the mechanism requirements to carry out self-checks and upday things after booting up, yet 4 to 5 hours in, the difficult drive is still running as though I was defragging the disk. What is this OS doing that needs it to read/compose to the drive eincredibly nanosecond it is on? My machine is only 18 months old through a quad core however I"m afrhelp the hard drive will certainly burn out via this extreme usage. What is Windows 10 doing?
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Replied on January 21, 2016


Thank you for posting your query on Community.

We regret the inconvenience resulted in to you. Let me help you to solve the worry.

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Provide us through the below details for better clarity on the worry.

1. Did you make any changes to the computer prior to the issue?

2. Are you utilizing any type of third party antivirus on the system?

3. Did you check the Task Manager for checking the running applications?

I imply you to check the Task Manager to find out which are the applications running on your mechanism. To go to Task Manager, pressCtrl + Alt + Del keys and also choose Task Manager. Under the Processes tab you can find the Apps and background processes detailed which are running at that suggest of time on your system.

You can additionally check the standing of the problem on a Clean boot state. Percreate a clean boot to inspect if any type of third party application is leading to the problem, as clean boot helps in eliminating software conflicts.

How to troubleshoot trouble by perdeveloping clean boot in Windows:

Note: Refer "How to recollection the computer to begin generally after clean boot troubleshooting" to reset the computer to begin as normal after troubleshooting.

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Also go to Process traveler and also examine which program is bring about the issue. Refer the link below for actions.

You may also run a full mechanism virus scan to check if it helps.

Anti-Virus Disclaimer:

Note: Any information files that are infected might only be cleaned by deleting the file totally, which indicates there is a potential for information loss.

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Hope this information was advantageous. Please acquire ago to us through the above details so that we can help you even more.