Windows 10 freeze after sleep

For the past month my chrome internet browser on a windows 10 lapoptimal freezes for around 10 secs after the computer system wakes up from sleep. If I cshed the lid then open it aget and also sign in back in on home windows then it will deal with the worry but otherwise I have to wait the 10 seconds. I have actually tried to uninstall chrome however that didn't assist. Anyone having this issues? If so, does anyone understand exactly how to resolve it?


I have a comparable concern, wbelow whatever inside the window visually won't respond on my display. If I have youtube up, the video player will simply be black and the home window won't scroll however if I minimize the window and also lug it back up everything functions just fine.

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I need to additionally cite that I'm on a desktop and this simply started happening a pair days earlier for me. At this time trying to find a solution and also will come back if I uncover anypoint or anyone else posts here around it.

Thanks man, my problem is exactly the very same. YouTube videos will simply be a black display till a push escape, and pperiods won't relocate till I switch tabs (at which suggest whatever before actions I took on the original tab favor scrolling will certainly jump ahead).

I'll let you recognize if I discover anypoint as well!

Similar concern on my wife's lapheight. After waking from sleep, Chrome is greatly unresponsive. Mouse works, but not on Chrome content. Touchpad gestures also not working. I doubt it's a driver issue. Some imply that disabling "Auto Detect Settings" in netjob-related proxy config might assist. Didn't for me. So I'm open up for any kind of concepts.

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I have the exact same worry on a desktop machine. Windows 10, latest everything. This started freshly. Turning off "Auto Detect Settings" didn't help. I'm wondering if it is from a Windows 10 update?

Same concern for me. I just noticed it once favor others have actually said Youtube video is black. Been happening for about a month.

I open up a brand-new tab and also close it and also the tab with Youtube comes earlier to life. That's my workabout for now.

we are more civilization through the exact same difficulty.

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The last steady variation that operated effectively was:

You deserve to attempt to uninstalla an uninstall this versión:

6 Jan87.0.4280.141

You deserve to create in the bug that we have opened saying that you have actually the exact same problem. This is exactly how you will certainly assist us.

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