Windows 10 deleted microsoft office

After the last Windows 10 upday the Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2016 regime has disappeared from my computer system. The 2010 variation is still tbelow however not the 2016. Why
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Open Start > Setups > Apps > Apps & attributes.

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Check if you"ve Office provided tbelow. If it is in the list of mounted programs then select the enattempt and then pick Modify. There need to be an alternative to Repair the installation.

Choose the kind of repair you would certainly like to perform. Depfinishing on the severity or availcapacity of your Net link, you could attempt the initially alternative, Quick Repair, which is much much faster and also tries to settle the trouble without a data link.

If that doesn’t settle the problem, then go earlier and also try the Online Repair alternative.

The repair process is straight-forward complying with the wizard. Keep in mind that you’ll should conserve your work-related and also close all Office programs first, and also then click Repair.

Then wait while the repair procedure runs.

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You will certainly notification the repair suffer is similar to a fresh installation. The amount of time it takes will depfinish on your link speed and what the concern is.

You will certainly view your Office apps light up in their respective colors while the repair completes.

Reboot your system and inspect if you have the right to launch Office apps then.


In instance if worry still persists, you need to reinstall Office.

So if you have 365 subscription or your Office product key, downfill the setup media directly from

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Hope this helps!

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