Windows 10 creators update freezing computer

I am running Windows 10, variation 1607. I have check out the information stating that MS should update my version of Windows via the latest version in order to install important protection updates. However, over the previous month, the upday freezes my computer system every time. After a while my display goes blank, and also then as soon as I carry out a required re-start, the usual blue upday progression screen appears (via the portion of progression, and at the bottom it says that the computer system will restart numerous times). When the percentage reaches somewbelow in the 80"s, it freezes and also never recovers (also after being left on for days). When I perform another required re-begin at that allude, the computer reverts me back to my previous variation of Windows and also I"m able to usage my computer.

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All the articles I"ve found are outdated. I would certainly incredibly a lot appreciate some recent guidance n exactly how to fix this.

Thank you.

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A. User
Replied on January 29, 2018

Hi Michael,

A feasible corruption within your user profile is just one of the reasons why you are encountering performance concerns after installing updates in Windows 10. To troubleshoot the problem, we indicate producing a new user account and also view if the very same issues will take place while on a various user profile. To perform this, simply follow the procedures below:

Select theStartswitch, then selectSettings>Accounts>Family & other people>Add someone else to this PC.

Type a user name, password, password hint, and then selectNext.

You have the right to likewise perdevelop a clean boot to view if there are applications running on the background which affects your computer"s performance. Follow the instructions below on just how to do it:

From Start, search formsconfig.SelectSystem Configurationfrom the search outcomes.

On theServicestab of theSystem Configurationdialog box, tap or click to pick theHide all servicescheck box, and then tap or clickDisable all.

On theStartuptab of theSystem Configurationdialog box, tap or clickOpen Task Manager.

On theStartuptab in Task Manager, for each startup item, select the item and also then clickDisable.

Cshed Task Manager.On theStartuptab of theSystem Configurationdialog box, tap or clickOK, and then rebegin the computer system.

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Should you have actually even more questions, please let us understand.

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Replied on February 3, 2018
In reply to A. User's write-up on January 29, 2018

Thank you Jefferson. I have not responded until now because I wanted to be certain I did everything I can to follow your advice. Unfortunately, nopoint is working. The bottom line is that also though I produced a brand-new account, logged in with it, andlet the update installation go ahead, the very same freeze developed.

Here"s what I did to attempt to follow your instructions:

I first tried to develop a new user account as you directed. When I complied with the steps andclicked the "add someone else to this PC" connect, Iwas offered the alternative to enter an email attend to but then NOTthe ability to form a user name, password, or password hint. WhenI entered an email deal with that wasnot registered already via, it provided me an error message stating as a lot. WhenI tried clicking the "I don"t have this person"s authorize in information" attach, I wasdirected to put in an e-mail address, password, and also date of birth.So, what I did was usage one more account that I had establiburned through in the past however never before used to log in with before. I then logged in on my computer system via that account and waited two days. Nopoint seemed to occur, so I hoped whatever was addressed. I thenlogged earlier in yesterdaymorning with my original/primary account infoand also left the computer system alone while I went to work. Unfortunately, once I came house last nightthe computer wasfrozen as prior to. I recovered my previous version of Windows, logged ago in under my main account, and the update process started anywhere aget (here arethe particular updates detailed on the upday screen: Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB4056254) and Feature upday to Windows 10, version 1709).

I then developed an totally new account last night. I logged in with it, let the upday process start, and also waited. The computer froze. I then rebegan in order to reclaim my previous version of Windows, logged in ONLY with my new account, and let the update go ahead again. Same result.

I do not recognize if this is a clue or not, yet please note that once my computer system freezes it does so through a empty, dark screen - I then have to forcibly restart the computer, which results in the blue update display via the spinning wheel and the portion standing indicator. This display then freezes roughly 85%, at which suggest I carry out one more forcible restart in order to trigger the restoration of my previous variation of Windows.

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I hope you have even more suggestions, as my computer system is basically unusable now for even more than a couple of moments between freezes.