Windows 10 attempting to recover installation

So quick background, I have Windows 10 and also have been putting off updating my computer system for awhile, considering I rarely use it. Well now I lastly made a decision to upday it and also it was stuck at 47% for about...3 hours up until which time it was shut down mid update (pro tip: cats must be maintained away from laptop computers at all times). Anyway, I tried to restart it and now it"s stuck on a virtually all black display screen, only displaying "Attempting to recover installation" via the loading circle straight over it. It"s been this method for a few hrs now and was hoping I could acquire some advice?

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Power on and also off your computer 3 timesOn the third time, your computer system will certainly boot into the Cutting edge Recoincredibly environmentClick Modern OptionsClick TroubleshootClick Reset this PCClick Keep my filesChoose your accountGo into your passwordClick ContinueClick ResetIf you require more assist, please continue to engage with us. We desire to aid you through this.

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In reply to PA Bear - MS MVP's post on October 14, 2017
If the computer"s still "stuck on "Attempting to recuperate installation" screen," deserve to you begin the computer in Safe Setting (with or without networking)? See Fact: McAfee (and also Norton) applications are notorious for not uninstalling (or upgrading) cleanly. The "leftovers" may be your troublemaker here.
I powered my computer system on and also off three times, the way you said, and it didn"t seem to make any distinction. There"s a couple of seconds (around 45) between the manufacturer screen and also the "Atemmpting to recover" screen where I have the right to relocate my mouse on an otherwise black display before going to the same thing I"ve been seeing.

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1. How lengthy had you been "putting off updating" the computer?2. Had you disabled Windows Update (automatic updating) or just never before bothered to run a manual check for updates?3. How lengthy has actually the computer-in-question been connected to the internet given that April of 2016?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Check out this ASUS FAW =>