Windows 10 1607 update stuck

I have one computer system in a domajor atmosphere that seems to be stuck on build 1607. When I Check online for updays from Microsoft Update it checks and also then tells me Your device is up to date

I have tried the Windows update troubleshooting tool. At first it does the delete and re-downfill updates, then Downpack and install pfinishing updays, then provides me three green ticks for "Fixed"

But after that, if I examine for updates aacquire it still claims Your gadget is up to day after a couple of minutes of checking, and I"m still on develop 1607.

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Is tbelow a means to pressure this computer to update to the latest build?

Edit Usually I"d be ok through this, yet the latest versions of Photoshop CS, Bridge CS and so on are not compatible with this construct.

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asked Oct 18 "18 at 9:36

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You can download the latest version and upgrade manually with the media creation tool.

It"s feasible that you are not being offered the upgrade bereason an incompatibility has actually been detected (drivers have actually not been updated by the manufacturer, etc)

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answered Oct 18 "18 at 9:47

David MarshallDavid Marshall
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Yes, you deserve to download the Media Creation Toolkit from the Microsoft Website to either produce an install USB Stick (to update or install another computer) or update the computer system the tool is run on.

Do note, the 2018 October upday is not yet online, so it may assist to wait a week. It was obtainable for a brief time, but Microsoft pulled it offline to solve bugs.

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You have the right to of course upday to 1803 and upday again in a few weeks to 1809 once it comes out.

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edited Oct 19 "18 at 6:33
answered Oct 18 "18 at 9:47

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