Will a computer boot without a hard drive

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Hi. I marketed an old COMPUTER on ebay a couple of days earlier. I did not encompass a difficult drive with it. The man who bought it says it won"t power ON without the hard drive installed. He wanted to examine to watch if the fans would light up and begin prior to he unpacked the brand-new hard drive he bought for it. I guess he can not return it if it is open.So my question is should the power supply power up and also the situation fans light up and run if the PC does not have a difficult drive installed?Thanks!-Freak


Yes,,yet only as much as the bios..After all no OS no boot,,EH ??.

As long as tbelow is nopoint wrong with the core components, ram, psu, cpu, cpu heatsink n fan, motherboard. The comp must power on, through the fans spinning up, add a graphics card or use onboard video, and also he need to view the bios post display screen, include a keyboard, and the bios write-up will certainly finish. Now it need to display a babsence screen via an error saying that no tough drive is set up. So, in short, yes as long as every little thing else is in working order and associated effectively, his comp (the one you marketed him), have to startup with the fans spinning up.

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