Wifi stuck on identifying windows 10

I"ve been directed here for assistance after going through logs w/ an additional response team member. He instructed me to write-up mty farbar log and also wait for assist.



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You didnt emntion WiFi or ethernet conenction and also are you obtaining the IP from a modem/router or froma  DHCP server?. mostly i goto run and also open command prompt (cmd) and also then ipconfig /release, then ipconfig /flushdns, then ipconfig /rebrand-new.

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After doing that then go ipconfig /registerdns. See if you have the right to ping google.com or also, if works however not the name google.com then its dns troubles.


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It is stuck identifying once it is plugged right into the ethernet, or trying to attach using wifi. Currently trying to affix by means of wifi though, using a modem/router. I have gone through the ipconfig /release, flushdns and also renew with an answer team member... 


Microsoft Windows

i have the right to try the ipconfig /registerdns ... but i"m pretty certain it"s not going to work-related. once pinging google prior to it said the organize was unreachable. i will try aacquire. 

I would then try pining the loopago address (ping if that works then include the ipaddress manually. If manually functions then its a difficulty via dhcp. Give that a wirl mate and watch if that functions.

basic faiattract is the reality you aint gaining an IP. goto run and form devmgmt.msc, appropriate click the network-related adaptor and click disable, wait 5 secs and then appropriate click aobtain and also go permit.

Check to watch if tright here is any type of yellow concerns marks that could be bring about problems also. Goto run and form ncpa.cpl  and also make certain you deserve to atleast watch the netjob-related adaptor, examine cable and so on Let me knexactly how if that sorts it.

ok per your last instructions... haha you"re fast! i go to gadget manager and disable/allow the network adapter... inspect for yellow exclamation points and also tbelow is one by the Ancillary Function Driver for Winsock and also it says: This device is not current, is not functioning correctly, or does not have actually all of the chauffeurs set up.


I have the right to check out the network-related adapters in the ncpa.cpl 


still identifying

yeh im sitting at me desk having actually me smoko lol, Do you rememebr the ip resolve array that the modem pushes out? network maybe? add the attend to manually in ncpa.cpl IPV4. I just want to check out if we deserve to access the gatemethod atleastern.

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probably flush the arp table also making use of arp -d  in command also prompt. Then wait a few secs and also populate the subnet via arp -a

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ok add the ip attend to of say and subnetmask of and also collection the gatemethod to Try and ping after that. The next thing i gather you have done is reboot the modem/router? Maybe login to the modem/routyer and also inspect the log papers.


Standard trouble shooting lol.

ok ping and also transmit failed. general faientice. 100%loss... 


yeah i"ve restarted modem and also router numerous times haha... 


i did go to the router site however i"m not certain what i"m looking for 

First i would uninstall the netoccupational adaptor chauffeurs in devmgmt.msc (Make sure you gain the driver name prior to hand and downlaod a copy just incase)

then  the following thign would certainly be to carry out internet conenction sharing from your working XP machine to Windows 7.

On the xpmachine, goto ncpa.cpl appropriate click the adaptor and also click properties, then sharing tab. tick the allow others to conenct. if it claims the company demands to begin then goto services.msc in run and scroll down to ICS and also begin the organization. If this is a little also much simply let me understand lol.

What thats going to carry out is watch if the Windows 7 machine have the right to obtain an IP from the Windows XP Machine.


i forobtained you are making use of ethernet and also not Wifi on the home windows 7 machine so the ICS wont occupational unless you have actually a cross over cable and also plug that right into the ethernet on the xp machine.

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 09:20 PM

ok so i unistalled the one driver, need to i restart the computer? or downpack this copy of the driver that i downloaded? 


i also set the xp machine as much as enable sharing... 


jknick9Topic Starter
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Posted 05 December 2013 - 09:24 PM

no i"m wiremuch less on both... 

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