Why is my skype picture blurry

Over the weekend I was scanning a few message boards and also came throughout a post asking

Why does the picture of a perkid look ok sometimes but pixelated at other times for the exact same person?

To clarify the difficulty is once a user answers a contact from a perkid and the image of the caller is expanded and presented in the conversation window.

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Unlike a lot of high quality problems within Skype for Business, this difficulty is not down to absence of bandwidth or some other Skype for Business trick to ensure best possible suffer. The actual cause of this is simple.

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Back in the days prior to Exchange 2013, Lync didn’t really have a plausible Photograph keep worth having actually anymeans. We were limited to using Active Directory based photos or making use of a internet website hosting images of each user. Many organisations offered AD based photos, and in so doing limited the quality to a 96 x 96 pixel picture of no more than 100KB in size.

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So provide you an idea of what this looks choose, right here is a picture at 96 x 96 pixels


But the story does not finish tright here. In the Skype for Firm client will actually retrieve the AD thumbnail photo and also redimension better to 48 x 48 pixels to gain to the deal with book thumbnail display size of this:


The arrival of High Resolution imeras in Exreadjust 2013 allows customers to uppack their very own imeras to Exreadjust. This means that they are able to upload a picture through a resolution of 648 x 648 pixels. Similar to AD, the exact same rules use, the photo need to be in portrait mode to acquire the ideal resize scaling. Tbelow is no value in uploading a picture to Exadjust higher than the resolution of 648 x 648 pixels as that is the biggest dimension Exreadjust supports. If you upload a photo of higher resolution it is going to be resized to this anymeans. If you perform not properly format and also scale the high resolution picture then you are reducing the potential image high quality.

Here is a instance of a high resolution picture at 648 x 648


So if you are enduring problems with your high resolution photo’s quality, then this will certainly be the factor behind it. The resolution will be to number out why EWS and Skype are not behaving themselves for you!