Why is candy crush so slow

Candy Crush difficulties range from no Net link being found as a result of assorted factors, the Candy Crush server going down for everyone internationally, or game glitches choose freezing in the reward chamber, as we have watched perviously. When the servers crash then various other parts of the game could be down, choose the keep being unavailable in such times.

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There’s miscellaneous versions of the game that have got a release over time, such as the original Saga, and the more recent soda build. You can discover this game on a number of platdevelops that incorporate Tizen, Windows 10 and also Phone, Fire OS, Android, and iOS tools.


Is the Candy Crush server dvery own on Tuesday March 30, 2021? With tens of countless players on Facebook alone, it’s clear any international outage will be felt on multiple platforms and also by millions. If there’s a major outage, planned maintenance, or any type of various other difficulties then our editors will certainly upday you listed below in addition to the Product Reviews neighborhood. Detail your platcreate and worries proficient below also.

Candy Crush Soda won’t pack on my computer. it’s fine on my phone. it will fill in Chrome, however not in Microsoft Edge. i have cleared cache/cookies and also it still won’t work. will certainly it ever before be fixed?

Luella Hobson-Burris

I have had exact same trouble for around a week

Nicole Lance

Candy Crush Saga in Facebook has actually not functioned given that March 17. When I select the game, nopoint happens, The display continues to be blank. I tried clearing cookies many times. Didn’t aid.

Soda crush crashing after loading yet before being able to make a relocate. Happened last night and again tonight

I was playing on my phone and also was at a very high level. Now once I begin to play I am back at level 1. What is going on? 3.15.2021

My game tons and also I deserve to play it yet beginning this day (March 11), I cannot log into my Facebook account. This is also only happening on my iPhone.

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Last 2 days, Feb 27th & 28th, 2021 I have actually been unable to obtain the platform to gain an internet connection. I gain quick bit red drop down box via white lettered composing. Reads as follows:

” ! Tbelow was a link error. Try aget in a bit.”

I’ve done all the pressure stops and also clear caches for all programs connected, multiple times. Phone restarts and shutdowns for a number of minutes, eincredibly idea I can uncover I’ve tried. I clearly have actually an internet link on my device because I’m making use of it now to article the comment.

Anymethod, not certain what great this short article is also going to carry out, however at this suggest I’ll try anypoint.

Kerry Raitt

Yes, I am as well and still having trouble February 22/21! Same concerns via Farm Heroes Saga.

Michelle Quici

I have actually internet connection however once Candy Crush Soda Saga loaded it then goes to a page but does not present any kind of levels, it has been prefer this for about 5 or 6 days now. Hope they settle it. I have additionally deleted app then reinstalled yet it still stays on the very same web page not mirroring any type of levels – very frustrating as I desire to continue.

I am having the very same problems. Then I turned off wifi and bluetooth and also put in airplane mode. It opened! Then I turned back services and also it locked up.

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The last 3 days I obtain no internet connection on Candy Crush Saga application however no trouble through Soda Crush. Even remounted the app but same difficulty, this is affecting purchases and also rewards, daily bonuses and so on and I am in Chicearlier making use of iPhone app

Yesterday and also this particular day, the application gets as much as the Play switch and also simply stops, won’t execute anything no matter where you click. Windows 10 PC variation.

Candy Crush Soda Saga has actually been displaying no internet link all this week and also I deserve to still play the difficulties. I’m making use of a Windows 10 tablet to play. When will certainly this problem be fixed?