Why does vlc player go grey

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MatteoBenatiNew Cone
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Hi guys, I have actually downloaded two seasons of the very same TV series on my home computer system. The 2 periods come from different sources, yet I"ll administer all the informations I know about them.For Seakid 1, all episodes are BluRay.1080p.HEVC.DD5.1.x265.mkv records.For Seaboy 2, I just recognize that they are .mkv papers, and given that they weigh about 300MB for 50 minutes per episode, I intend they"re not 1080p. Now, on both my residence computer system and also my lapheight I have actually the VLC"s latest version (2.2.6), and none of the program"s settings have been adjusted. The documents have been stored in my Hard Disk, along with a numerous various other movies/TV series. On my house computer system whatever functions just fine. The difficulty is that on my laptop tbelow is an awful lag for all episodes from both seasons. If I play the files on WMP, they work-related perfectly, however through VLC there is an unbelievable grey pixelated display that never stops. Eexceptionally various other file functions perfectly, the only trouble originates from these 2 seasons. But I want to anxiety the reality that they are not from the very same sources. I"ve tried to adjust the settings of VLC prefer all classiccomputers.infos indicate, however nopoint has actually changed. I have actually intended that my laptop was not excellent sufficient, however in this case the same difficulty would certainly happen via all the various other movies, that weigh even even more. I don"t think that the papers have actually any kind of damage, because otherwise they would certainly display their problems on WMP too.As such I do not understand also what the problem might be. I"m sorry if my english isn"t perfect but I hope my difficulty is clear. If my write-up presents any sort of mistakes I"m additionally sorry, yet I"m new on the classiccomputers.info.

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LotesdelereCone Master
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Re: Grey pixelated Display Problem, yet only on the laptop

Postby Lotesdelere » 29 Jun 2017 08:36

Try one more video output module:http://wiki.classiccomputers.info.org/WindowsFAQ-2.0 ... _output.3FAnd/or disable/permit GPU acceleration:http://wiki.classiccomputers.info.org/WindowsFAQ-2.0 ... age_errorsYou can additionally attempt to enable or disable some video alternatives such as Overlay and/or Hardware YUV -> RGB conversions.If none of the above works, then it might be a driver problem.

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Re: Grey pixelated Display Problem, however just on the laptop

Postby thesandvolcano » 04 Jul 2017 17:25

This sounds a likely candidate for being a power administration concern. Laptops typically come preconfigured through even more aggressive power monitoring. You have the right to easily identify this my installing some free RamDisk software application (I usage ImDisk), copy a well-known problematic media document right into ram and also then open up it with VLC. If it plays fine, then you are most likely influenced by the AHCI power monitoring functions HIPM & DIPM. Please watch this short article https://classiccomputers.info/viewtopic.ph ... 9&start=60 for some potential remedies to HIPM/DIPM.
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