Why does skype keep crashing on windows 10

Skype is among the most famous applications used for communication digital. You deserve to save in touch with your friends, family, colleagues or business partners.

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Have you ever before had actually the Skype application crash while you were talking to someone? Especially during important calls, this can reason troubles.


If Skype keeps crashing, something has to be done in order to fix the program. By adhering to our overview, you deserve to learn how to fix the worry on both Windows and Mac devices.

Why does Skype Keep Crashing?

There is no well-known reason of why Skype keeps crashing for some users. Many of the moment, crash reports come from Windows 10 customers after system updays.

In the past, tright here have been numerous cases of bugs leading to Skype to crash. For example, in 2015, Skype customers found that sfinishing someone “http://:” would crash their app.

Bugs favor this appear all the moment. The reason is usually addressed by Microsoft that regularly publishes patches and updates whenever somepoint happens to Skype. It’s always beneficial to take a look at the Skype Blogs website for information.

Anvarious other point that might cause consistent crashing in Skype is compatibility issues, damaged documents or malware.

How to Fix Skype Keep Crashing on Windows

As Skype is primarily offered on Windows gadgets, most issues obtain reported on this platcreate. We recommend trying these solutions in order to perhaps resolve your issue conveniently.

Upday Skype

The first thing you should carry out once your Skype keeps crashing is updating the application. Compatibility issues deserve to come up if you’re making use of an older version of Skype.

Here’s how to update Skype on Windows 10:

Launch Skype.
Click on the three dots alongside your profile information.Click on Settings.From the menu on the left, click Help & Feedback.
Skype will automatically check for updays. If a new variation is available, you have the right to click the Update button to gain it.
Wait for the Skype installer to open up. The installation need to be an automatic procedure.When the installation is complete, Skype will certainly re-launch itself. You have the right to navigate ago to the Aid & Feedback tab to check if your Skype is approximately date.

Run Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 10 comes via a built-in troubleshooter which deserve to assist you solve basic issues on your device. Sometimes running this troubleshooter will solve app-related errors such as Skype crashing.

To run the Windows 10 troubleshooter, follow these steps:

Open the Setups app by pressing down the Windows and I keys on your key-board. Additionally, you deserve to launch Settings from the Start menu.Click on Upday & Security.
Find and also click Troubleshoot from the left-side food selection.
Scroll down and click on Windows Store Apps to enter the expanded view.Click the Run the troubleshooter button.
Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve any kind of feasible errors.

Install Media Pack Feature

The Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N is a media pack that’s necessary for some Windows 10 users in order to usage apps such as Skype.

If you’re additionally having actually worries through the Windows Media Player, Voice Recorder, or Music app, you certainly need this load set up.

Follow these measures to downpack and install the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10:

Scroll down till you check out the Downpack information area.Click on Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10.
Scroll down till you check out Downloads.Click on the drop-dvery own menu and also choose the version you want to gain. It’s always recommfinished to download the latest variation.
Click on Confirm and wait for the webwebsite to process your request.Choose between the 32-bit and also 64-little bit versions.Launch the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Media Feature Pack.Once the installation is finish, restart your COMPUTER.

How to Reset Skype

When you reset an application, every one of its information will be brought back to the original state. This deserve to potentially fix your crash concerns, specifically if your Skype files gained corrupted.

On the downside, you’ll lose your app preferences and also Skype data. Make certain to back-up any type of essential chats or documents prior to you reset Skype.

Don’t forgain to note down your login information as well! You’ll be forced to enter your account information aacquire after Skype has been reset.

Follow these steps to reset Skype on Windows 10:

Open the Setups app by pressing down the Windows and also I secrets on your key-board. Conversely, you deserve to launch Setups from the Start menu.Click on Apps.

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Search for Skype by using the search bar. You can also manually find the application from the list.Click on Skype to enter the expanded see.Choose Modern options.
Scroll down and click on the Reset switch.

How to Reinstall Skype

When no various other solution functions, your last retype have the right to be uninstalling Skype and downloading it again. This is among the more time-consuming methods however it have the right to deal with your Skype crashing worries.

Keep in mind that you might shed your app preferences and Skype information. Make sure to back-up any type of essential chats or papers prior to you reinstall Skype.

How to uninstall Skype

Open the Setups application by pushing dvery own the Windows and I keys on your keyboard. Conversely, you can launch Settings from the Start menu. Click on Apps.Search for Skype by using the search bar. You can additionally manually discover the application from the list.Click on Skype to enter the broadened see.Choose Advanced options.Click on the Uninstall switch and follow the instructions on the display to remove Skype.

How to download and also reinstall Skype

Go on the Skype downfill web page.Choose the variation you desire to downpack. You deserve to either acquire Skype for Windows 10 or download the classical Skype for Windows application.
Go to your Downtons folder and double-click the Skype installer.
Click on the Install switch.

Skype must automatically install and also launch itself. You could be prompted to log in aget and also could perhaps shed all your Skype chats and also application preferences.

How to resolve Skype crashing on Mac

To resolve the trouble, the initially point you need to do is perform a clean reinstall of Skype.

Although Skype isn’t an application that was arisen for Mac operating systems, you have the right to still probably fix issues on a Mac.


Tright here aren’t as many type of alternatives as for Windows, however you deserve to constantly attempt contacting Microsoft if none of the approaches listed below helped you.

Upday Skype

Launch Skype.Click on the Skype menu on the peak left.
Choose Check for Updates.
Skype will certainly instantly begin checking for updays.
When a brand-new upday is discovered, you deserve to install it from this menu.
Once the installation is finish, you can check back to view if you’re on the latest variation of Skype.

Percreate a clean reinstall

Reinstalling Skype on a Mac is a slightly longer process than doing it on Windows. You must make certain that you carry out a clean reinstall, meaning that no corrupted junk files are left behind.

Follow these measures to clear all documents pertained to Skype on your Mac, then reinstall it:

Go to Finder then Applications.Move the Skype application to Trash.In Finder, host down the Shift, Command also, and D keys on your keyboard. This will show the Go to folder popup.
Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support and delete any kind of file that has the word Skype in the file name.Go to Go to ~/Library/Preferences and also remove the com.skype.skype.plist file.
Use the search tool to look for any kind of remaining Skype files. Delete anything that you find. When you have the right to no much longer uncover Skype associated papers on your Mac, empty your Trash.Go on the Skype downfill web page and downfill Skype for Mac.

We hope that by complying with our guide, you were able to fix the problem through Skype constantly crashing and also ruining your chats or conferences.

If namong the techniques operated, you might be having more severe issues that aren’t simply pertained to Skype. We recommfinish contacting Microsoft for more support.

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