Why does my screen flicker when im on facebook

When im scrolling dvery own from album photos on facebook application, the photo flash/flicker 1 time, is this normal?

Anyone has the very same issue?

I think that only happens on facebook, ive brought back the phone and the exact same thing happens.

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iPhone 6s 64GB

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I gained the specific exact same experience! It"s the very same flashing as if you take a screen shot, however just on the pictures. It just flashes once at each picture as you scrolling dvery own in the Facebook app. I cannot speak reasoning that something grabs the images I"m looking at... iPhone 6s updated as I"m writing this post. Any others obtained this behavior in the Facebook app?

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Yup, just choose mine and my friend"s 6s.

I noticed that occasionally some of the photos from de video camera roll does not load in high resolution..

Did you noticed that too?

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I have the exact same difficulty through iPhone 6. The photos flash once you scroll dvery own the photo album and it only happens when for each photo. When I scroll up and also dvery own aget, it does not happen.

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I Have a iPhone 6 also and it is definitely happening to me too practically favor it is malware.

my present iOS version 9.3.1

i think it is one of the add on things through facebook. Can anyone confirm if tright here are add ins for the Facebook application on iOS that would auto capture imperiods, for points favor mash ups or other more nefarious activities?


Jhop2006 wrote:

i think it is among the add on things through facebook. Can anyone confirm if tright here are include ins for the Facebook app on iOS that would certainly auto capture imperiods, for things prefer mash ups or various other more nefarious activities?


No, there are no "include ins" for the application.

I Have the exact same trouble on Facebook, I have actually iPhone 6s Plus 128gb. I have this phone only one week and it happens from the initially day. I could"t discover a solution.

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I have this same issue. But it"s a Facebook app trouble to know the least. Not hardware. I"ve noticed this as soon as I obtain new tech. I am coming from a nexus and also it usage to execute that at the beginning. I simply recently switched to a 6s+ and noticed it happening again

A few friends have reported this also. There"s a guess that Facebook can be capturing your facial reactivity to photos using the front dealing with video camera. The White flash being intentional to rise brightness. Try going right into Setups > Privacy > Camera and also disabling Camera access for Facebook.

After posting my reply previously. I"ve uncovered out that it"s not simply through facebook. I"ve discovered that some websites I visit have actually this go on too. I"m wondering if it has something to do with just how the content is shown in the web page. Like the way it"s being rendered.