Why does my asus tablet keep turning off

Bought this tablet 2 years ago. It was provided for a couple of weeks by an employee and also then put away till last week. I did a complete reset on it and proceeded to install the 8.1 upday and also a number of important and optional updays after that. Everypoint appeared fine till this particular day, as soon as I installed 6 optional updates. Upon completion and rebegin, the unit will certainly now not stay powered on. I hit the power button, the unit vibrates a little and mirrors the ASUS founding screen. I have the right to bacount get signed in and also to the begin page prior to it just immediately goes into shut dvery own. I do not know exactly how one might uninstall those updays, (assuming they"re the cause of this sudden odd behavior), considering that the thing won"t continue to be on for more than 5-6 seconds. I"ve checked out a few threads about equivalent issues. Some reference Windows, some are about Asus, but I can not find anypoint that"s exactly this particular worry. Thoughts, anyone??
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Replied on December 10, 2016
In reply to Ma. Lau's post on October 27, 2016

Hi tright here, I actually know what the problem is AND the solution!!!

Marc - I did exactly the exact same as you. I hadn"t updated for a while and also went and also set up all the updates, following point I understand the pad shuts down instantly after opening..

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The difficulty is this optional update

Intel - Other hardware - Intel (R) Dynamic Platdevelop and Thermal Framework-related Generic Participant

I tried using multiple resets to acquire ago to that point before the failure and systematically went through all until I uncovered the culprit.

The problem through our tablets is that if you are favor me, you have actually no mouse or keyboard and so on to acquire ago right into safe mode to attempt and also recollection. So you must perform a difficult reset to get into the PC settings food selection on begin up. Now Asus didn"t carry out a very good project at explain just how to execute that did they? We recognize tright here is a hole that you have the right to put a safety and security pin into however to use it tbelow are no actual instructions in the hand-operated.

Use these steps as follow (you need to trick it first);

1. Press the button in and host till the startup ASUS words come up, then utilizing a paperclip, press the switch inside the hole. You must do this at least 3 times to artificially revolve it off prematurely.

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2. On the fourth time, let it start again by itself typically, it must tell you that it had actually some problems founding up and also reboot into the recollection mode.

3. If you have actually a regain point, you deserve to use the progressed settings to go earlier to that safe suggest prior to the upday. If you don"t you have the right to perform a refresh etc (pick your poison) to go way earlier before and also begin aget.

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Unfortunately I had no reclaim allude and also had to basically carry out a fresh install. It took a pair of days to acquire back to the area wright here I might then reinstall home windows 8.1 (which is a lot more user friendly). Just keep going through the updating until it permits you to upday back to 8.1. Some times you think you are done yet its actually installing something in the background so be patient. It really does take a few days of consistent updating!

Lastly, as soon as you get ago to the nice area wright here it all started prior to you loaded the Intel update, PLEASE CREATE A RESTORE POINT!!!

If you have actually any troubles installing win 8.1 let me recognize. Tright here are a few tricks to it that are not created almost everywhere on the internet for our tablets.