Why does chrome keep opening new windows

If I click the new tab switch (next to existing tab), or right click and also open up in new tab, it briefly opens a brand-new tab, yet then switches to a brand-new window.

Any idea just how to deal with this?

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Make certain you carry out not have sticky tricks on, that may reason a difficulty. Shift-clicking a link in Chrome opens up a new home window.

Press transition even more than 5 times swiftly to find out if sticky secrets are on. Another clue is if your message is always capitalized and numbers come out as symbols.



I fixed this.

There was a chrome extension referred to as "New tab, New Window" that was bring about it.

The expansion is mounted by a malware.

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It was sticky keys here. I ran the back of my hand over all the keys on the keyboard and also then it stopped doing it.

No malware on my laptop, but all links I clicked were opening in a brand-new window. After clearing the browser cache that habits quit.

Click on the Chrome menu > Select Clear searching information... > Under cached imeras and files, pick All time (next to time-range)> Click the Clear Data switch at the bottom.

open up your chrome browser and type in url attend to bar www.google.com and also type any kind of randam website that you understand prefer amazon.com and also search then click left hand also side setting bar and also go on search setting then watch tright here ......( Wright here results open

Open each selected result in a new internet browser window.)u need to unexamine the box and then click on save and also cshed your chrome ur internet browser then rebegin ............ if it is not working then you need to gain back your chrome establishing

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