Why do facebook videos load so slow

Facebook claims their Video platform is incredibly cshed to Google’s renowned video streaming business Youtube as soon as it comes to Traffic Statistics. Though we have reports from assorted analysts claiming that facebook’s method of graphing its challenger is not ideal and Youtube is still the king in Video streaming service internationally. However before, i personally uncover facebook video slow loading and also not loading problems are huge trouble for its growth.

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The problem is, Facebook loading lot of stuffs (Javamanuscript, Imperiods, Videos and Static files), the moment you have actually entered facebook username and password and also pressed enter button. Recently, i have actually said some procedures on How to Speak Facebook Video Auto Downpack Problem?. If you don’t mindful, yes facebook instantly downlots the videos common by your friends and displayed in your news feed.


When you scroll for few pages down then it automatically downlots more videos and also save it all set for you to see. If you are not a form of perkid who view eextremely video that is shown on your facebook newsfeed, then you will certainly finish up wasting the Net Bandwidth and System Reresources.

Here i have actually few suggestions that have actually not just saved me Net Bandwidth while utilizing facebook, likewise makes the facebook loading faster and also conserves me time as i check the new updays from my friends conveniently and also close the home window to get ago to work-related.

How to Fix Facebook Video Loading Problem?

In November 2015, Facebook Videos hit 8 billion day-to-day views by its customers, which is double from April’s 4 billion daily views. Facebook is continuously functioning on improving its media player, however i still notice facebook video buffering problems and also hangs some times even at my much faster broadband connection. The same happens when i attempt to watch facebook videos on my iPhone or iPad. The first few videos constantly play faster and also good, however when i save on watching their recommfinished videos, it starts to keep buffering for more time.

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Facebook App for iPhone additionally needs advancement and tright here is no doubt that the facebook developer team is working hard for it. But appropriate currently, the adhering to tips i attempt have helped me to avoid such buffering problems and also saves Web Bandwidth for me.

Systems #1: Avoid Google Chrome Internet Browser to usage Facebook

Yes, Google Chrome plays an essential function is damaging your Facebook endure. So i always recommfinish Safari Browser (if you are on Mac OS X) or Firefox web browser. Both these internet browsers pack the contents just when you scroll down and also don’t auto downpack facebook videos in the background and save it all set. You need to click on the video thumbnail in order to begin buffering procedure and also then you are ready to watch facebook videos.


By loading the videos we didn’t click on video thumbnail, Chrome takes even more time and also the Net line goes busy buffering those videos and all we check out is, buffering picture on the video we actually desire to watch.

There is no question about how fast facebook tons on Chrome but it likewise consumes even more CPU, Memory Resources of your computer and supplies Web Bandwidth without your understanding. Facebook loading slow-moving on Chrome mainly because of even more background operations than other browsers. Switching to chrome choices is the best alternative right here to prevent such problems. and also performance problems.

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Equipment #2: Avoid Plugins and also Browser Extensions

You may review somewright here that a plugin or a internet web browser extension will enhance the facebook endure and also load everything quicker to you. Google Chrome extensions or Firefox extensions, I recommend you to not autumn for such assures and avoid downloading extensions to solve facebook slow-moving loading troubles.

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These extensions will put undesirable burden to your browser which already consumes plenty of memory and CPU consumption on your computer system. So staying clear of such 3rd party apps, which might also be buggy will not simply conserve you from PC performance being impacted, likewise it conserves you from malwares, adwares and other protection troubles.

Facebook sluggish loading or Video not loading issues deserve to be resolved by complying with the solution #1 mainly. And these are supporting suggestions to assist you to suffer much better COMPUTER performance in its entirety.

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Solution #3: Check your RAM Capacity and also Increase it if Necessary

If you are a multi-tasking user choose me, then execute checkout the RAM usage generally to understand whether the browser and also other apps you have opened up consume every one of the RAM memory storage. It is one more reason for whole tasks being slow and not simply Facebook. You might be utilizing Windows, Linux or Mac, i recommfinish to have actually minimum 8GB and for maximum performance go for 16GB to watch no lag or slow-moving loading difficulties with your Apps and also Internet Pages.


Check your Task Manager – Memory Tab for RAM consumption by each apps you have running on your Windows PC.

If you are making use of Mac, then perform inspect Activity Monitor – Memory Tab for RAM Consumption condition and also details to understand also whether you need to upgrade your RAM memory or not.

Systems #4: Try making use of Facebook Lite Version (Mobile) or Mobile Version (on PC)

If you are utilizing Android smartphone, then download facebook lite variation for android (0.5MB) and also reap making use of Facebook faster than ever before before. Facebook developed lite variation application for android especially to let nations via sluggish speed Web connection sign up with through their Friends and Family using Facebook. This application optimized to fill faster even on average Web connectivity and consumes less information too.

So provide it a shot and also watch how facebook lite variation functions for you on your android smartphone.

Second option, is to visit https://m.facebook.com which is the facebook lite version for iPhone, iPad and also Computers. Tbelow is no main app to downfill facebook lite version for iPhone or iPad. But when you kind the above url on Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or computers, you will certainly be redirected to Facebook Mobile variation.

This tons super rapid consisting of videos and also gif imperiods shared by your friends and presented on your newsfeed. You will be able to consume all the contents with much less Net Bandwidth and also faster facebook loading suffer guaranteed throughout the webwebsite. Especially, facebook videos slow-moving loading problem gets addressed and also you can favor, comment and share the contents you choose in super speed via Facebook Mobile version or Lite version.

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I believe, these tricks and suggestions i have offered over helped you to save Net Bandwidth and also gain quicker Facebook suffer also. If you find these tips efficient and also feel it as a settle for Facebook Video Not Loading problem, then do share this short article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and also Google+. Have a wonderful fertile day.