Why did homegroup icon suddenly appeared

Just a quick question I"m nearly specific this isn"t anypoint significant but occasionally as soon as I come onto my computer and go to the desktop I obtain a brand-new icon that is on the desktop computer called HomeGroapproximately my understanding I recognize this is already on the computer system and also have actually review some forums wright here individuals have it permantly stuck there and also couldn"t remove it. But my major question is that can I simply safely neglect it randomly appears there? It"s tright here for about 25-30 secs and also then disapeers and doesn"t come ago. This is the second time it"s taken place so I"m not as well worried around it. Nopoint has actually been going in different ways on my computer acomponent from some programs crashing occaionally yet that"s about it.

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Any ideas on this?

I"m making use of Windows 8.0 (haven"t updated to 8.1)

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Hometeam Icon randomly appearing on desktop?

Posted: 11-Mar-2014 | 4:24PM • Permaconnect
huwyngr wrote:

I can see the benefit of making use of a committed shortreduced combicountry for something you execute frequently -- I gain a lot of mileage out of the Windows 7 and also 8 shortcut keys.

Aren"t those shortreduced secrets great? I"m just lazy with that computer mouse. Some of mine launch the browser to regular sites, Amazon, local weather page, news sites, or opening excel files.

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The ones that I like finest, via "AutoHotkey", are my audio volume tricks, F10,11,12 for volume up, dvery own, mute.

AudiA1 wrote: Hi Scoop8 Do you think I have to be worried if this symbol comes up aobtain on the desktop in this case? I don"t actually usage it for currently so it"s not a big use to me at all!And no have to apologize my brain likewise isn"t the sharpests LOL!Thanks a lot :)

I"m not acquainted through this intermittent problem however I"d advise that it"s not a difficulty although it"s a strange symptom. It might be that the solution could be somepoint like unchecking a display screen option however that"s just a guess. I looked up a pair of details sites regarded the topic yet ran short of time yesterday. If I come across something around it I"ll write-up here.

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Thanks ("brain")

Regardless of how sharp your"s is, you have among the many valuable assets obtainable... you"re "excellent people". Members view the proof of this in just how you write-up right here

Just my opinion, but that"s become a rare commodity these days, so it"s more and even more valued.