Where are the settings that are chosen during the installation process stored?

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1. What contains indevelopment on exactly how tough drive partitions are organized?


B. The grasp boot document (MBR) contains a little routine that is responsible for locating and loading the operating mechanism. The BIOS executes this code and also the operating device starts to fill.

2. Which net command also is supplied on a Windows PC to develop a connection to a common catalog on a remote server?

net usenet startnet sharenet session

A. The net command is a really crucial command in Windows. Some common net commands incorporate the following:net accounts: Sets password and also logon needs for usersnet session: Lists or disconnects sessions in between a computer and also othercomputers on the networknet share: Creates, removes, or manages mutual resourcesnet start: Starts a netjob-related service or lists running netoccupational servicesnet stop: Stops a network servicenet use: Connects, disconnects, and also display screens information about sharednetwork resourcesnet view: Shows a list of computer systems and network-related devices on the network

3. Which type of startup have to be schosen for a service that must run each time the computer system is booted?


C. An automatic startup will certainly start the organization instantly when the PC starts. The hands-on startup process will take place once the application is released by a user. There is no boot, begin, or startup organization type that have the right to be configured.

4. A user creates a document via a .ps1 extension in Windows. What form of file is it?

PowerCovering cmdletPowerShell functionPowerShell documentationPowerCovering script

D. The types of regulates that PowerShell have the right to execute include the following:Cmdlets: Percreate an activity and return an output or object to the following command also that will be executedPowerCovering scripts: Files through a .ps1 extension that contain PowerCovering commands that are executedPowerCovering functions: Pieces of code that have the right to be referenced in a script

5. When a user provides alters to the settings of a Windows mechanism, where are these transforms stored?

Control panelRegistrywin.iniboot.ini

B. The registry consists of indevelopment around applications, customers, hardware, network-related settings, and file types. The regisattempt likewise includes a distinctive area for eexceptionally user, which contains the settings configured by that specific user.

6. Which Windows variation was the first to introduce a 64-little Windows operating system?

Windows NTWindows XPWindows 7Windows 10

B. Tbelow are more than 20 releases and also versions of the Windows operating system. The Windows XP release presented 64-little bit handling to Windows computing.

7. Two pings were issued from a host on a neighborhood netjob-related. The initially ping was issued to the IP resolve of the default gatemeans of the hold and also it failed. The second ping was issued to the IP deal with of a hold outside the local network and also it succeeded. What is a feasible cause for the failed ping?

The default gateway gadget is configured via the wrong IP attend to.The TCP/IP stack on the default gatemeans is not working effectively.The default gateway is not operational.Security rules are used to the default gatemethod tool, preventing it from handling ping repursuits.

D. If the ping from one organize to another hold on a remote network is effective, this suggests that the default gatemethod is operational. In this scenario, if a ping from one host to the default gatemethod failed, it is feasible that some defense attributes are used to the router interconfront, staying clear of it from responding to ping researches.

8. Which command is offered to manually query a DNS server to resolve a certain hostname?

nettracertnslookupipconfig /displaydns

C. The nslookup command was created to permit a user to manually query a DNS server to resolve a given host name. The ipconfig /displaydns command just displays formerly refixed DNS entries. The tracert command also was created to study the path that packets take as they cross a network and also deserve to fix a hostname by immediately querying a DNS server. The net command is provided to regulate network-related computer systems, servers, printers, and also netoccupational drives.

9. What is the objective of the cd command?

changes directory to the previous directoryalters catalog to the root directorytransforms magazine to the next highest directoryalters catalog to the next lower directory

B. CLI commands are typed into the Command Prompt window of the Windows operating mechanism. The cd command is supplied to adjust the catalog to the Windows root brochure.

10. How a lot RAM is addressable by a 32-little version of Windows?

4 GB8 GB16 GB32 GB

A. A 32-bit operating mechanism is capable of supporting about 4 GB of memory. This is bereason 2^32 is about 4 GB.

11. How have the right to a user proccasion specific applications from accessing a Windowscomputer over a network?

Enable MAC address filtering.Disable automatic IP address assignment.Block particular TCP or UDP ports in Windows Firewall.Change default usernames and passwords.

C. Network-related applications have certain TCP or UDP ports that deserve to be left open or blocked in Windows Firewall. Disabling automatic IP deal with assignment may cause the computer system not being able to affix to the network-related at all. Enabling MAC resolve filtering is not feasible in Windows and would certainly just block specific netjob-related hosts, not applications. Changing default usernames and also passwords will certainly secure the computer system from unauthorized customers, not from applications.

12. What energy is provided to show the device resources consumed by each user?

Task ManagerUser AccountsDevice ManagerEvent Viewe

A. The Windows Task Manager utility has a Users tab from which the system resources consumed by each user can be displayed.

13. What energy is easily accessible on a Windows COMPUTER to see current running applications and also processes?

nslookupipconfigControl PanelTask Manager

On a Windows PC the Task Manager utility deserve to be offered to view the applications, processes, and services that are currently running.

14. A user logs in to Windows with a continuous user account and also attempts to usage an application that requires administrative privileges. What have the right to the user perform to successfully usage the application?

Right-click the application and pick Run as root.Right-click the application and select Run as Priviledge.Right-click the application and choose Run as Administrator.Right-click the application and select Run as Superuser.

As a protection best exercise, it is advisable not to log on to Windows making use of the Administrator account or an account through bureaucratic privileges. When it is crucial to run or install software that calls for the privileges of the Administrator, the user have the right to right-click the software in the Windows Documents Explorer and choose Run as Administrator.

15. A technician deserve to ping the IP attend to of the web server of a remote agency however cannot successfully ping the URL resolve of the very same web server. Which software application energy deserve to the technician use to diagnose the problem?


Tracecourse (tracert) is a energy that generates a list of hops that were successfully reached alengthy the path from source to destination.This list deserve to administer vital verification and troubleshooting information. The ipconfig utility is provided to screen the IP configuration settings on a Windows PC. The Netstat utility is offered to recognize which active TCP relationships are open up and running on a networked organize. Nslookup is a energy that permits the user to manually query the name servers to deal with a offered hold name. This energy have the right to also be supplied to troubleshoot name resolution concerns and to verify the current status of the name servers.

16. Wbelow are the settings that are favored throughout the installation procedure stored?

in the recoincredibly partitionin flash memoryin the Registryin BIOS

The Regisattempt consists of all settings favored from Control Panels, file associations, device policies, applications mounted, and application license secrets.

17. What modern technology was created to replace the BIOS regime on contemporary personal computer system motherboards?


As of 2015, a lot of personal computer system motherboards are shipped via UEFI as the replacement for the BIOS routine.

18. Which two points deserve to be figured out by using the ping command? (Choose 2.)

the number of routers in between the resource and destination devicethe destination tool is reachable with the networkthe average time it takes each router in the path between source and also destination to respondthe IP deal with of the router nearest the destination devicethe average time it takes a packet to reach the location and also for the response to return to the source

A ping command also provides feedback on the time in between when an echo repursuit was sent to a remote organize and once the echo reply was got. This have the right to be a meacertain of netoccupational performance. A effective ping likewise indicates that the destination host was reachable through the network.

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19. What feature is provided by the Windows Task Manager?

It offers an energetic list of TCP relations.It maintains system logs.It selectively denies web traffic on stated interencounters.It provides indevelopment on device resources and also procedures.

Windows Task Manager permits an finish user to monitor applications, processes, and solutions currently running on the end device. It deserve to be used to begin or soptimal programs, soptimal processes, and also display screen indevelopmental statistics about the device.

20. Which type of Windows PowerCovering command percreates an action and also retransforms an output or object to the next command that will certainly be executed?


The forms of commands that PowerCovering can execute encompass the following:cmdlets – percreate an action and return an output or object to the following command also that will be executedPowerCovering scripts – papers via a .ps1 extension that contain PowerCovering regulates that are executedPowerCovering attributes – pieces of code that have the right to be referenced in a script

21. What would be shown if the netstat -abno command also was gone into on a Windows PC?

all active TCP and also UDP relations, their current state, and also their linked procedure ID (PID)only energetic TCP connections in an ESTABLISHED stateonly energetic UDP connections in an LISTENING statea local routing table

With the optional switch -abno, the netstat command will certainly display all netoccupational relationships together with connected running processes. It helps a user determine feasible malware relationships.

22. Which 2 commands could be used to inspect if DNS name resolution is functioning appropriately on a Windows PC? (Choose 2.)

ipconfig /flushdnsnet cisco.comnslookup cisco.comping cisco.comnbtstat cisco.com

The ping command also tests the connection in between two hosts. When ping provides a organize doprimary name to test the connection, the resolver on the COMPUTER will certainly first perdevelop the name resolution to query the DNS server for the IP attend to of the host. If the ping command is unable to fix the domain name to an IP resolve, an error will certainly outcome.

Nslookup is a tool for experimentation and troubleshooting DNS servers.

23. Refer to the exhilittle bit. A cyber security administrator is attempting to check out system information from the Windows PowerCovering and also recieves the error message shown. What action does the administrator must require to properly run the command?

Run the command from the command also prompt.Install latest Windows updates.Restart the abno company in Task Manager.Run PowerCovering as administrator.

Best methods advise not to log right into units via an administrator account, but fairly a user account. When logged in as a user it is feasible to run Windows utilitites, such as PowerCovering and the Command also Prompt as an administrator by right clicking on the utility and slecting Run as Administrator.

24. Refer to the exhibit. A cyberprotection analyst is investigating a reported protection event on a Microsoft Windows computer system. Which tool is the analyst using?


Event ViewerPowerShellTask ManagerPerformance Monitor

Event Viewer is used to investigate the background of application, security, and device events. Events show the date and also time that the occasion occurred in addition to the resource of the event. If a cyberprotection analyst has actually the attend to of the Windows computer targeted and/or the date and time that a security breach emerged, the analyst could usage Event Viewer to record and also prove what developed on the computer system.

25. For security reasons a netjob-related administrator needs to encertain that local computers cannot ping each other. Which settings deserve to accomplish this task?

firewall settingsMAC resolve settingssmartcard settingsfile system settings

Smartcard and also file device settings do not impact network operation. MAC deal with settings and also filtering might be provided to regulate tool network-related access yet cannot be used to filter different information traffic types.

26. Consider the path depiction in Windows CLI C:UsersJasonDesktopmydocu.txt. What does the UsersJakid component represent?

file directory and also subdirectoryexisting file directoryfile attributestorage tool or partition

In the course depiction in Windows CLI, the components of C:UsersJasonDesktopmydocu.txt are as follows:C: represents the root brochure of the storage tool.UsersJakid represents the file directory.Deskoptimal represents the existing file magazine.The mydocu.txt represents the user file.

27. Which two user accounts are immediately created as soon as a user installs Windows to a brand-new computer? (Choose two.)


When a user installs Windows, 2 regional user accounts are produced automatically in the time of the process, administrator and also guest.

28. What term is offered to describe a logical drive that deserve to be formatted to store data?


Hard disk drives are organized by several physical and also logical frameworks. Partitions are logical parts of the disk that deserve to be formatted to store data. Partitions consist of tracks, sectors, and also clusters. Tracks are concentric rings on the disk surconfront. Tracks are separated right into sectors and multiple sectors are unified logically to form clusters

29. What is the function of entering the netsh command also on a Windows PC?

to create user accountsto test the hardware tools on the PCto change the computer system name for the PCto connumber networking parameters for the PC

The netsh.exe tool have the right to be provided to connumber networking parameters for the PC from a command also prompt.

30. A technician is troubleshooting a COMPUTER unable to connect to the netoccupational. What command also should be issued to inspect the IP resolve of the device?


The regulates tracert and ping are used to test the connectivity of the PC to the network. The command nslookup initiates a query to an Internet domajor name server.

31. Refer to the exhilittle. Which Microsoft Windows application is being used?


Event ViewerPowerShellTask ManagerPerformance Monitor

Windows Performance Monitor is used to evaluate the performance of individual components on a Windows host computer system. Commjust monitored components incorporate the processor, hard drive, network, and memory. Windows Task Manager and also Performance Monitor are supplied when malware is suspected and a component is not percreating the way it have to.

32. What are two factors for entering the ipconfig command on a Windows PC? (Choose 2.)

to testimonial the netjob-related configuration on the PCto inspect if the DNS server deserve to be contactedto ensure that the PC deserve to attach to remote networksto testimonial the status of netoccupational media connectionsto display screen the bandwidth and throughput of the netoccupational connection

The command ipconfig is a useful tool for troubleshooting. The command also will display screen some IP addressing configuration and also the netoccupational media connection standing. The command also does not test the link to the DNS server configured or test remote netfunctions. It does not display bandwidth and throughput indevelopment.

33. What are two advantages of the NTFS file mechanism compared through FAT32? (Choose 2.)

NTFS allows the automatic detection of negative sectors.NTFS is easier to configure.NTFS permits quicker formatting of drives.NTFS offers even more protection features.NTFS supports bigger papers.NTFS permits quicker accessibility to exterior peripherals such as a USB drive.

The file system has no manage over the speed of access or formatting of drives, and also the ease of configuration is not file system-dependent.

34. What is the objective of utilizing the net accounts command also in Windows?

to begin a network serviceto display screen indevelopment about common netjob-related resourcesto display a list of computers and also network-related gadgets on the networkto testimonial the settings of password and logon requirements for users

These are some prevalent net commands:net accounts – sets password and logon demands for usersnet begin – starts a network-related organization or lists running netjob-related servicesnet usage – connects, disconnects, and also screens information around common network resourcesnet watch – shows a list of computer systems and network gadgets on the networkWhen used without options, the net accounts command also screens the present settings for password, logon limitations, and domajor information.

35. What are 2 factors for entering the ping command also on a Windows PC? (Choose 2.)

to examine if the NIC features as expectedto check if the default gateway is configured correctlyto display screen the bandwidth and also throughput of the network-related connectionto check if the TCP/IP protocol suite is installed properlyto ensure that the COMPUTER can affix to remote networks

The IP attend to is a loopearlier resolve on the COMPUTER. A successful ping to the loopback attend to suggests that the TCP/IP protocol suite is mounted appropriately and the NIC is working as meant. A ping to the loopago attend to does not test the connectivity to remote networks, nor will it display bandwidth and throughput indevelopment.

36. When restrictive protection plan is enforced on a firewall, just specific forced ports are opened

37. Match the Windows command also to the summary.

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dir ~~> lists files in a directorymkdir ~~> creates a brand-new directorycd ~~> transforms the current directoryren ~~> renames a file

38. Match the interpretation to the Microsoft Windows term. (Not all alternatives are offered.)


runs in the background to support the operating device and applications ~~> serviceinstructions executed by the processor ~~> threada presently executing routine ~~> process(empty) ~~> registry

39. Match the interpretation to the Microsoft Windows term. (Not all options are used.)


database of hardware, software, customers, and also settings ~~> registryoffered to manage remote computers ~~> WMIprovides access required by the user space process ~~> handle(empty) ~~> thread

40. Match the Windows term to the description.


alternate information streams ~~> a method of including information to an NTFS-based fileEFI ~~> upgraded firmware that stores boot code in the firmwareFAT32 ~~> a legacy file systemMACE ~~> NTFS-generated timestamps for file activityNTFS ~~> a lot of prevalent file system

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