When would a technician flash a bios?

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What regime is used to recognize the driver version being provided for a details component? < BIOS | CMOS | Task Manager | Device Manager | device Setup >

Answers will certainly vary, however some common ones include visual indicators in Device Manager, such as a question note, an X, and also an exclamation point. Another symptom is the gadget does not job-related.

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What is the name of the Windows database wbelow Windows configuration information is stored? < registry| BIOS | UEFI | Device Manager> Device Manager is not a database.

Which tool properties tab has actually a Device standing area that can contain helpful troubleshooting information or the condition of the device? < General | Modern | Driver | Details | Management >

A technician receives a complaint around a computer being slow-moving to respond to typed keystrokes.The technician installs even more memory and a new key-board. The customer is happy. What, if anything, can have been done better?

The technician can have actually tried swapping the key-board to watch if that addressed the problem. Due to the fact that the technician swapped 2 components, he does not know which among them actually fixed the problem. This is a waste of money and time, and it reflects negative technical abilities.

A computer system is installed inside a cabinet, and you want to understand if an IEEE 1394 port is accessible. Which food selection item would you use?

. < T | F > The mechanism day and time have to be configured via the system BIOS. The operating device can be used to likewise connumber date and time.

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A technician keeps having actually to go to the BIOS main food selection to configure day and time. What component is suspect? < CPU | BIOS | battery | chipcollection | CMOS >

A technician desires to boot from an eSATA external difficult drive. Which submenu item is used? < OnChip SATA controller | SATA | PCIE training | first Boot Device>

A user cannot get a computer to boot. The technician reareas the motherboard and also the difficult drive. The mechanism now functions. What might the technician have done in different ways in this situation, if anything?

Answers will vary, however a finest practice is to perform one thing at a time to watch what fixes the problem. For example, the technician could replace the motherboard and reboot the system to check out if the trouble is readdressed. If the difficulty is not readdressed, the technician can reinstall the original motherboard and also then rearea the hard drive.

as soon as replacing a motherboardWhen a motherboard is replaced, UEFI BIOS configurations will certainly have to be percreated.

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A computer is being offered in a clinical office. For protection factors, the technician has actually been asked to reasonably ensure that no one attaches any type of external media. What would the technician more than likely do?a. Password safeguard the BIOS and disable unprovided ports.

A technician for a little agency collection a BIOS password on every computer system. The technician left the firm, and the replacement technician demands to accessibility the BIOS. What must the brand-new technician do?

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