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Hi, when I means playing GW2 I got out of the blue this bsod - WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR

Can you please help me to suggest out whats wrong?

Dump file - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6L_pd79rbpwUFlxcG5NYllkYXc/view?usp=sharing

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3 years ago
Hardware error, memory corruption. Could be simply around anything.

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Run Windows upday, upday your drivers, run sfc /scannow. If you still get it, it could be faulty memory or graphics card.

Try booting Linux from USB or CD, and run somepoint graphically extensive for a while. (Steam has actually the majority of Linux games.) If that crashes, it's not Windows.

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Initial Poster3 years ago

Thanx for all your responds. I will attempt all possibilities.

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3 years earlier · edited 3 years ago

I too have simply began acquiring this on home windows 10. Assuming some home windows update broke something or nvdia likewise just put in a brand-new driver for my 1060.

I have actually read that many type of times this is something going on in the cpu. I have had a pair of cases lately once my gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 (rev 3) motherboard instantly stepped in and also corrected a bios concern by loading a backup. Someone stated a bad cmos battery that is on my list for tonight.

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The cite in right here around power supply is interesting and could tie in through the cpu theory as today's cpus are exceptionally sensitive to wobbly power, the power supply is oversized for the device yet is also a few years old maybe time for an upgrade however there have actually been no issues before now. My machine is associated to a ups that gives brownout security as well as battery backup (I think they all carry out these days) so it shouldn't be what's coming out of the wall.

I play Babsence Desert Online which is a really graphics extensive game, the machine runs almost 24/7 as the game permits afk crafting and also fishing and so on i.e. you never gain kicked out after inactivity etc. I got a usb 3 hub awhile ago kinda starting to wonder if it can be component of it because my computer mouse and also my keyboard (was) connected to it and also sometimes they don't work ideal after boot. I've check out this can be some type of malfunctioning hardware...can't really watch exactly how a hub can execute it however I'm not a hardware engineer plenty of folks recognize much more than me, lol.

I agree via what the man said about the motherboard, those mostly fail in its entirety not what you define. Because BDO has been having a few problems after some current updays I was sort of fifty percent blaming a memory leak as the game has actually been well-known to display screen that kind of problem before but if it's a leak I don't think the message would certainly be the same. If you live in an especially humid place like I carry out periodically corrosion kind of sneaks up on you, it can be as simple as shut it all dvery own and hit all the contacts via a pencil eraser or crc contact cleaner and also reinstall.

Memory deserve to be a pain to troubleshoot if you have multiple sticks because it may just be one and it might be just fine if it's not in the first slot addressed so you basically take out all the sticks swap them in one at a time to see which one has actually the faitempt. I don't understand if shops still have actually those standalone memory testing gadgets that were available in the previous. Some motherboards also have actually a write-up card constructed in that will certainly screen a code but I've never before found those incredibly specific. I'm still up for another damaged MS$ upday considering that this just started, I cleaned the registry and also updated all motorists, no problems yesterday. I was periodically seeing it once I plugged in the dongle for my wiremuch less headset which might allude at chauffeurs aget.

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Windows asking permission to install some sort of function update (I have professional, residence version need to not be acquiring it or not yet). It also just gained cooler down below, who knows I simply desire it to freaking stop.