What is windows security button

At my institution, the Panasonic interactive "SmartBoard" present a various message on the Windows 7 login screen. Instead of:

Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to log on

It reads:

Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE or use the Windows Security Button to log on

What is this "Windows Security Button", and also wright here is it located?


Control+ALT+Delete in COMPUTER hardware is the Secure Attention Sequence (SAS). The SAS is a hardware-generated non-maskable interrupt (NMI) that have the right to just be tackled by the kernel and can"t be suppressed (that"s what "secure" and also "non-maskable" expect.)

Windows have the right to use this keyboard combo to ensure that the user logging in is physically existing and to make spoofed login screens automatically obvious to the user (given that they can not detect/respond to the sequence.)

Because an on-display keyboard is software program rather of hardware, it can"t generate the SAS/NMI. The Windows Security Button offers this function on tablets and also various other Windows devices which are not intfinished for usage with a hardware key-board.

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The Windows Security Button on many type of Windows tablets is a hardware button which once pressed has the very same impact as initiating the secure attention sequence (i.e. pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete).

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I have had actually to allow this function on taballows at work-related to allow bypassing of the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen without connecting a key-board. In our situation (Acer Iconia) we had to organize a special Windows vital on the bottom of the tablet and also press the power button all at once.


As the post linked to above says: not every tool has a designated "defense button".

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If you do not have actually a full keyboard on your whiteboard, then I would assume it has actually some kind of security switch to compensate- as via taballows. You deserve to more than likely work-related it out by trial and also error: allow the defense button attribute, then log out and also go with all the buttons until something unlocks it - or a combination of somepoint + power unlocks it.

I understand this 3-key combination is a security feature but it"s worth maintaining in mind that you have the right to disable it extremely conveniently - causing it to go right to the password prompt display screen instead.

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