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Tech giants favor Microsoft and also Google are consistently featured in the news concerning privacy pertains to. Tright here have been many kind of reports that Windows 10 spies on you with the compatibility telemeattempt function, and other data that it collects. This is a topic of constant debate; but, Microsoft never hides the fact that it collects data on you.

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One such issue among users is the windows_ie_ac_001 folder, which seems suspicious on the operating device. Here, I shall discuss what is windows_ie_ac_001, and also what it does on your computer.


1 What Is Windows_Ie_Ac_001?

What Is Windows_Ie_Ac_001?

According to Microsoft Support, windows_ie_ac_001 is an app container that runs the Web Explorer’s Enhanced Protected Setting tabs. Enhanced Protected Setting is a protection attribute that stays clear of incompatible features from running on your computer system.

First presented through Windows 8, Enhanced Protection Setting is turned off by default in Windows. The major task of this attribute is to pack only those extensions and also web browser helper objects that are compatible with the Enhanced Protected Setting.

Is Windows_Ie_Ac_001 Secure?

Enhanced Protection Setting is a great protection attribute that isolates untrusted information and web content inside an AppContainer. This stays clear of any kind of malicious documents prefer viroffers or malware from accessing your vital information, as the incompatible apps and also files are stored in a separate container.

This windows_ie_ac_001 container defines the internet Client, area and also sharedUserCertificates, along with saving the short-lived papers. Blocking the incompatible add-ons offers additional defense steps, which provides it basic to regulate and proccasion malicious activity on your computer.

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Running an app or file inside an AppContainer is a method to ensure that the harmful impacts of the file are restricted to the container, avoiding any type of damages to the entire COMPUTER.

Can I Allow Windows_Ie_Ac_001 Thunstable Firewall?

As you know by now, the app container is essential to prevent defense flaws on your Windows 10 COMPUTER. Thus, if you see the container requesting permission via the firewall, you have to be fine via allowing the AppContainer on your PC.

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Wrapping Up

So there you have actually it. Now you recognize what windows_ie_ac_001 is, and also have to you permit it through the firewall. Comment below if you found this valuable, and to comment on even more the exact same.

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