What is windows 10 whql support

I opened the BIOS on an MSI motherboard and allowed the Windows 10 WHQL choice, and then I clicked on Save and Reboot. After that, my computer system just boots right into a jumbled BIOS that I have the right to only explore for a few secs prior to it freezes, and it also freezes as soon as I choose any choice, and there"s no method for me to obtain into Windows 10. I am uncertain of the motherboard design, yet the screen mirrors this code: E7A15IMS.100.

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Erasing the CMOS memory operated. I did not remove the battery to perform so, either. I downloaded my motherboard"s manual from the internet and also uncovered the pins that let me recollection the CMOS (this is an MSI motherboard, they were labeled as JBAT1). Connecting both pins with a paperclip was sufficient to resolve the difficulty. Later on I plugged my computer earlier in and was welcomed via a "BIOS settings have actually been recollection to default" style message.

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If you ever before do this yourself, make sure to totally power off and also unplug your computer, then wait a few minutes. Some motherboards even have actually a button to reset the CMOS, or come with a jumper specially designed to carry out this, however a paperclip works just fine, even taking out the battery (if you"re able to, bereason I wasn"t) deserve to job-related. Also, give thanks to you


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