What is sedlauncher.exe windows 10

Whenever a computer slows down or freezes, the first technique should be to examine the Task Manager for Disk Utilization and the programs bring about it. If Sedlauncher.exe is resulting in high disk usage in your mechanism, please review with this article.

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What is Sedlauncher.exe?

The Sedlauncher.exe file is pushed to the mechanism together with the Windows Upday KB4023057 and also its function is to optimize the speed of the Windows Upday Service components in the operating mechanism. However before, many individuals have reported that the process associated through the file causes high disk utilization instead.

Is Sedlauncher.exe a virus?

The original file for Sedlauncher.exe is not a virus; it is a Windows system file. But cybercriminals commonly name viroffers such that their names resemble that of actual programs or procedures to protect against detection. The original place of the file is in the adhering to folder:C:Program Files emplTo check whether or not the procedure leading to high disk utilization in Windows 10 is a virus, right-click it and also select Open file location. If the file location is the exact same as the one for the Sedlauncher.exe file, well and excellent. Else, run a full anti-virus shave the right to on your system.

Should you remove Sedlauncher.exe or kill the procedure in Task Manager?

While the Sedlauncher.exe file is beneficial for Windows Updays, if the procedure associated via the file causes high disk utilization and also slows dvery own your computer system, attempt updating Windows to the latest variation simply in case Microsoft has puburned a settle.You deserve to either disable Sedlauncher.exe from the Task Manager or the Service Manager home window.The measures are as follows:

1> Using Task Manager

You can kill the process associated through the Sedlauncher.exe file using the Task Manager.Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open up the Security Options window. Select Task Manager to open up the Task Manager home window.Right-click on the Windows Remediation Service job and select End Task.

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This will certainly kill the procedure for the while, however, the difficulty might reappear later on after you restart the system.

2> Using the Service Manager

If the Windows Remediation Service is to be disabled permanently, this has to be done with the Service Manager. The procedure to carry out so is as follows:However, you need to note that without Windows Setup Remediation, your updates may not go smoothly – and so we execute not recommfinish your completely disabling this company permanently.Press Win+R to open up the Run window and form the command services.msc. Hit Get in to open up the Service Manager window.Scroll to Windows Remediation Service, right-click on it and also choose Properties.
Change Startup type to Disabled.

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Hit Apply and then OK.Save the settings and restart your mechanism. The trouble should be resolved.DisablingI hope it helps!Read next: What is Windows Update Medic Service (WaaSMedicSVC)?


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