What is mouse button 3

This web page summarizes usage of the mouse and also keyboard for controlling IDV screens making use of the default mouse and keyboardassignments. You can adjust the default habits throughthe Navigation tab of the User Precommendations accessedby the Edit→Preferrals menu.
"Click" the computer mouse indicates to press and also release a computer mouse switch when.

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"Double-click" implies to click a computer mouse switch twice quickly.

"Drag" means to press and also host down a computer mouse button, relocate the mouse and also then release the computer mouse button.

All references to mouse butlots are in respect to a 3-switch right-handed mouse:

MB1 (computer mouse button 1) is the left button. MB2 (computer mouse switch 2) is the middle switch. MB3 (mouse switch 3) is the right switch. If you are using a left-handed mouse, MB1 is the ideal switch andMB3 is the left-button.

If you are utilizing a Mac through a solitary button mouse, MB3 is simulatedusing the Option+click combination. Not all functions listedbelow (e.g., panning) work-related through this combicountry on a one button mouse.

This table summarizes the operations you can perdevelop with the mouse:Mousage ButtonKey ModifierPurpose
MB1noneMoving selector points in view windows, choosing items in lists and widgets, clicking butloads, moving sliders.

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ShiftRubber band also zoom in watch window
MB3noneRotate 3-D displays
CtrlPanning in view windows
ShiftZoom in/out

Tbelow are several methods to zoom, pan, and revolve in the IDV. Youhave the right to usage the mouse, the arrow keys, a rubber band also box, or the Zoom/PanToolbar.
You deserve to zoom into an area by outlining it with a "rubber band also box."Hold down the Shift crucial, then drag the left mouse button (MB1)to outline a box. The outline shows up while you are dragging the computer mouse,before the zoom. If the display was considerably rotated before usingthe rubber band also box, the new display screen may have actually the data area off screen;zoom out to uncover it, or usage Ctrl-r vital combination to reset tothe initial overhead viewallude.
You deserve to zoom, revolve, and also pan using the best computer mouse switch (MB3). To zoom a 3D display hold dvery own the Shift crucial and drag the right mouse button (MB3). Moving the mouse forward zooms in; relocating the mouse backward zooms out. This approach allows any amount of zooming and specific control. To pan a 3D display screen hold dvery own the Ctrl essential and also drag the appropriate mouse button (MB3) in the direction you desire to move the display screen. This method allows the a lot of specific regulate over exactly how a lot panning occurs and also allows panning in any kind of direction. To rotate a 3D display in any direction, drag the mouse through best switch dvery own over the screen. Rotating the screen with the mouse takes some getting used to.
You have the right to zoom, rotate, and pan making use of the arrowhead tricks on the keyboard. You must first click the computer mouse in the check out home window. You have the right to zoom by holding the Shift crucial and pressing the up (zoom in) and also down (zoom out) arrows on the key-board. You deserve to pan the display by holding the Ctrl crucial and also pushing the arrowhead tricks on the key-board. Using the strategy, the display will certainly pan in the direction of the arrow. You deserve to rotate the 3D display screen using the arrowhead keys on the key-board. Click in the home window and usage the arrow keys to revolve the 3-D box. Use the key combination Ctrl-r to recollection the screen to the initial view of this forecast (overhead, focused on center of the map projection in use).

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The IDV uses the typical approaches for selecting multiple itemsin a list (e.g., times list). These are: To choose everything in the list:: Click on the list to activate it. Press Ctrl-a. To choose a consistent range: Click on one item in the list to begin the range. Hold the Shift vital dvery own and click the last item in the variety. All items between the initially and also last are selected. To select a non-consistent range: Click on one item in the list. Hold the Ctrl key** down and also click on various other items in the list. As each item is clicked, it is highlighted to indicate that it is selected. To unschosen an object, organize the Ctrl key** dvery own and also click the item. **On the Apple Mac, use the Command key rather of Ctrl
There are several ways to toggle visibility of screens. When making use of the side legends, the Display Visibility checkbox to the left of the label can be supplied to toggle the visibility of that screen. When making use of the bottom legend, click on the legfinish label to toggle visibility of that one screen. The padlock symbol
on the best side of the legfinish bar is a toggle to lock visibility. Click on the padlock symbol to toggle locking. When locked, the symbol will look like this.
. This lock overrides a lot of various other actions which can readjust visibility, including using the key-board number tricks. Use this to lock one or more displays" visibility on or off while you change visibility of various other screens. You can still toggle visibility of a locked display with a click the legfinish label. The function keys F1, F2, F3 can be offered to cycle visibility as follows: The F1 essential cycles visibility through all non-locked displays, showing one at a time. The F2 turns on all non-locked displays. The F3 turns off all non-locked display screens. Use the View→Visible checkbox food selection item in each display control"s menu.