What is factory image restore

I have actually a Dell xps15 and also I desire to run the recoexceptionally to collection the laptop earlier to factory settings. I have actually the OS on C: and have D: which has various other records and also docs not related to the OS.

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Does running recoincredibly delete all papers on all drives (C: and also D:) or just the OS drive C:?



Best check on Dell Support website for details.

In general it should ONLY touch C: drive.But if you have created the D: partition yourself (eg. it is not a component of original manufacturing facility build) then theres an excellent possibility you will loose it as well.


The constructed in restore will not impact other partitions on the hard drive., Just the C: Partition.

If you are utilizing the Recoextremely Media then you will certainly have actually an choice of what partition to install it on. As lengthy as you select the C: partition, then any type of other partitions will certainly be untouched.

Just be conscious that anything you "installed" on your computer will certainly most likely need to be re-installed. When you install an application the OS puts files almost everywhere the place and offers pointers to save track of them all. The pointer or (junction) references are stored in the registry, which is stored on the C: drive.



Factory Reset:

Factory Recollection gets rid of all partitions, restyles the entire hard drive, reinstalls the original operating device, and reinstalls all the original hardware drivers and software.

This choice also recreates the compelled Recoincredibly partition (normally D:) and UEFI partition (normally E:) and also reinstalls the compelled software program.

The Factory Recollection choice returns all of the notebook"s software application to the problem it remained in at the time of purchase. All user transforms or enhancements are rerelocated.


Factory ResetThe Factory Reset option does the following:

Removes all partitions.

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Restyles all difficult drives.

Re-installs the original operating mechanism on the default mechanism drive (commonly the C: drive).

Re-installs all original hardware vehicle drivers.

Re-installs all original trial software.

This recoextremely choice returns all of the notebook"s software to the problem it was in at the time of purchase. Any programs you set up after purchase and any type of records you produced will be removed totally.

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