What is american megatrends on my computer

This is part 1 of a 2 component series around the Amerideserve to Megafads BIOS, or AMIBIOS. You are presented to what the BIOS is, the beep codes if tbelow is a fault, and also the BIOS Setup Utility.

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Part 2 looks at the AMIBIOS Update process. This is not a straightforward procedure for the typical residence computer user. However, part 2 presents the upday BIOS procedure in basic to follow steps.

Tright here are a number of pictures in this tutorial to help your understanding of the AMIBIOS. Listed below is a attach to each attribute that is questioned.

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What Is A BIOS?

Amerideserve to Megatrends BIOS, or AMIBIOS as it is typically recognized, is among the a lot of popular BIOS" in the civilization.

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It is a small piece of software application that sits on a chip inside your computer system on its motherboard.

You often hear the BIOS be called: Firmware, System BIOS, CMOS, Flash BIOS, ROM BIOS and RAM BIOS.


Modern computer system systems come via a brand-new type of BIOS dubbed the Unified Extensible Firmware Upgrade (UEFI). See the UEFI Firmware short article for more details.

American Megafads BIOSAMI BIOS Motherboard Chip

The BIOS checks that all the components inside your computer, e.g. key-board ports, memory, graphics and so on., are in working order before your operating mechanism tons.

The initial check that takes place is called the Power On Self Test (POST). When you initially switch your computer on, the POST is taking place once you view this display screen (or similar):-


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POST: Power On Self Test

If the POST does not detect any problems, your computer, lapheight, or tablet provides a brief beep noise to let you understand your computer system passed the POST test.

Your operating system then starts to load utilizing the information provided by the BIOS. The "Bootstrap Loader Program" does this instantly.

If the POST detects a trouble through your hardware, it beeps to let you know. The variety of beeps and the subsequent on screen message (unmuch less it is a graphics card issue) tells you what the trouble is.

Tright here are 11 prevalent BIOS beep codes. These are provided in the table listed below, with some suggestions regarding what they mean.

Beep CodeError MessagePotential Issue
1 BeepDRAM Refresh FailureMemory or Motherboard
2 BeepsMemory Parity ErrorMemory or Motherboard
3 BeepsBase 64k RAM FailureMemory or Motherboard
4 BeepsMotherboard System Timer FailureMotherboard
5 BeepsProcessor errorProcessor (CPU)
6 BeepsGate A20 Keyboard Controller FailureKeyboard or Motherboard
7 BeepsProcess Except Interrupt ErrorProcessor (CPU) or Motherboard
8 BeepsDisplay Memory Read Write ErrorVideo (Graphics) Card
9 BeepsROM BIOS Checkamount ErrorBIOS Chip or Motherboard
10 BeepsCMOS Shutdvery own Read/Write ErrorMotherboard
11 BeepsCache Memory Test FailureMotherboard


The COMPUTER Guide (Opens New Window) has actually some wonderful product on how to troubleshoot AMIBIOS problems.

The information is quite technical. If you are unsure I would advise in this circumstances to take your machine to a neighborhood computer system repair shop, or speak to your computer system manufacturers assistance line.

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BIOS Setup

The American Megatrends BIOS Setup Utility provides many details around your computer system hardware. You deserve to adjust some settings if you want to, however in the majority of cases you won"t need to.

Some details are for indevelopment only, which you cannot readjust.

When you switch on your computer, push the Delete key to enter the BIOS Setup Utility.

Tright here is only a small window of possibility to carry out this before your computer system starts to fill the operating mechanism. Because of this, store pushing the delete crucial till the BIOS Setup Utility appears.

On some computer systems you need to push the F1 or F2 tricks to accessibility the BIOS Setup Utility. Check your computer system manufacturers website for just how to access the BIOS settings.

Amerideserve to Megatrends BIOS Setup Utility

Your AMIBIOS Version may look various to the image above. However before, the menu names (Key, Cutting edge and so on.) and also just how you move through each choice are generally consistent, as presented in the right-hand side of the image (Select Screen etc.).

The options in grey are for indevelopment just, and cannot be readjusted e.g. Processor Speed. The alternatives in blue have the right to be changed.

In the photo over, you can readjust the device time and device day if you wish, for example, if you have actually an AMIBIOS lapheight, and also you relocated to an additional time zone.


Today"s operating systems take care of transforms in time zone. Sindicate open up your Date & Time settings and also amend to the time zone you require.

You have the right to likewise erected BIOS passwords in the defense menu so just you and selected members of your household can adjust the BIOS settings.

AMI BIOS Password Prompt

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Amerihave the right to Megatrends BIOS | Final Thoughts

If you desire to know more about just how to upday your BIOS to the latest variation, take a look at the AMIBIOS Upday page.

Many house computer individuals do not require the adjust any of the BIOS settings, however establishing a password is recommfinished.

Don"t worry if some or every one of this web page does not make as well much feeling to you. Treat it as information just.


Just a quick note to let you understand the Computer-Help forum has  lots of knowledgeable write-ups composed by site tourists on all subjects technology-connected.

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