What is a screentip in excel

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ScreenTips are little windows that screen descriptive message as soon as you rest the reminder on a command also or control.

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Enhanced ScreenTips are larger windows that display screen more descriptive text than a ScreenTip and also can have actually a link to a Assistance post.


You deserve to set an choice to show or hide ScreenTips.

Sexactly how or hide ScreenTips

Click the File tab.

Click Options.

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Click General.

Under User interface alternatives , in the ScreenTip style list, click the choice that you want:

Sexactly how feature descriptions in ScreenTips This option turns on ScreenTips and Enhanced ScreenTips so that you view even more information about a command, including the command also name, key-board shortcuts, art, and also web links to Aid short articles. This is the default setting.

Don"t display feature descriptions in ScreenTips This alternative transforms off Enhanced ScreenTips so that you view only the command also name and perhaps a keyboard shortcut.

Don"t present ScreenTips This alternative transforms off ScreenTips and Enhanced ScreenTips so that you only view the command also name.

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Watch a video clip to learn even more about ScreenTips


Note: The video reflects an older variation of the Office interface (UI), however it still gives you a great idea of exactly how the function still functions in later on versions.