What happens when you report someone on xbox

Just played some Halo 5 and also there was a player that just team killed. He was negative the entirety game and also tried to team kill everyone. We finished up shedding the match and also I reported him, however I'm wondering if anything actually happens with this?



Unfortunately like 90% of the time unmuch less your reporting someone for an abusive message nothing happens. I have actually had multle clips of trolls that never before gain banned or anypoint.

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Personal Messperiods or imcorrect gamer tags are the just two kinds of reports that I can personally attest to getting virtually instant activity taken.

Disclaimer that this might or might not be bullshit. Anymethod I spoke to a male that was friends through quite a couple of Xbox moderators, he said he got reported like 60 times and his moderator buddies let him off the hook. Like I said this may or may not be bullshit yet I have actually no principle wouldn't surpincrease me either way.

You are mistaking Player Feedearlier through Reports.

Player Feedback is when you rate a player. Too many kind of negative ratings will certainly result in matchmaking prioritizing you with other negative-rated players.

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Reporting a player is especially for violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. These reports are looked at by a member of the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team, that will problem violations if necessary.

I had actually someone obtain incredibly mad bereason I beat them playing Carcassonne. He sent out an IM that shelp he would certainly have all his friends report me. I acquired a note from MS that shelp "action was tackled one of your reports."

I then gain an IM from a random on live who said I acquired his friend banned from Xbox Live and also so they were going to "hack" my IP and take over my account. I filed a report and acquired another "activity was freshly tackled among your reports" from MS.

Yes - your reports issue. In-game cheating is a difficult one for them to act on, however if you acquire a personal message that is in violation of the rules, they will certainly relocate rapidly on that.

Sounds excellent I appreciate the response. I guess tbelow porbably won't be anything that happens to this guy because he was team killing the entirety game, however oh well.

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It counts, it’ll occupational better if you are in a party with or messaging the perchild, bereason they can save tabs on that, one time I hate messaged a male that team killed me and also obtained banned, and also I’ve definitely been toxic in gamechat prior to yet haven’t obtained in trouble then.


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