What does the wait operation timed out mean

I have been connecting to a Windows 7 x64 machine at work using VPN for about 2 years now, 4-6 days a week, multiple times per day, always without concern.

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As these days, I am able to affix and am presented via the normal Welcome screen. However, after 5 minutes of waiting, I am presented through this dialog:


I have tried re-connecting my VPN. I have tried rebooting my lappeak. I have likewise remotely rebooted the remote mechanism making use of "psshutdvery own -r" yet the result is constantly the exact same.


I physically saw my office and the display was blanked and I was unable to re-activate the display (ctrl-alt-del and also other various keystrokes to try to "wake" the system). My device had actually reportedly cramelted and stuck in some powered-on however locked-up state, however not locked up sufficient to actually block my RDP link attempts!

I hosted the power-switch down for 3 seconds, powered it back on and RDP functioned just fine aobtain.

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First look at the Event logs.Check your and destination firewall.Use network security to detect where you have actually delay.If does not job-related attempt to remote to other PCs To recognize that which PCs have actually problem.


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