What does it mean when it says the wifi is disabled

When I gain to occupational in the morning, the WIFI is not connecting instantly. Same once I come house in the evening. When I look at the wireless connection it claims "disabled" beneath it. Selecting the WIFI link and also manually tapping connect functions, but why should you have to go with that extra step? Why is the link disabbrought about begin with? Surely I can't be the only one through this trouble. I have 2 G4's on AT&T having this problem.

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Please don't hurt me however... have actually you tried turning it off and on again?

Mine would certainly try and also affix without luck for numerous times in a row prior to i restarted it.

Well, worry has been fixed via a manufacturing facility reset. The only distinction being that this time I didn't use NFC to move from my old device. Weird...

Yes, both the phone and also WiFi. Also tried re-entering the passwords. The difficulty is, as soon as the phone sees the WiFi link and also the subsequently labels it "disabled", it will certainly not attempt to connect to it automatically aget. I have to open the connection and also then tap "connect". Once I do that it's fine until I leave and come earlier again.

One point to try is under advanced WiFi settings make certain "Switch to mobile data" is turned off. http://i.imgur.com/2zGT1zi.png

It can be disabling the accessibility point after detecting that the WiFi netoccupational has negative reception as soon as you're going out of selection of it and decide to blacklist it. This happened on my moms Note 4 and disabling that choice seemed go deal with it.

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Make stuff you forget the netoccupational and reconnect (making you re-enter your WPA key) after toggling the choice simply to acquire things back to normal initially.

Edit: Seems to be it: https://getpiper.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201297980-Getting-Network-disabled-because-internet-connection-is-slow-during-setup (at leastern this is the alternative that brought about the Disabled label)

I did examine that option and it's not allowed. Same thing occurred again when I acquired to work this morning. This is very frustrating.

The very same point occurred aobtain when I got house. This is what I see:


Then all I have to perform is open up it up and also press connect and also it works.

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Why the hell won't it affix initially? This is rediculous!

I was having actually this issue. involved uncover out, tbelow was an ATT application dubbed AT&T Smart Wifi that was set to turn off the wifi generally under the connection settings. The default establishing Toggles wifi on and also off to shave the right to at a constant interval to find warm spots. I readjusted this to off so that Wifi is on all the time unmuch less I turn it off. I will certainly watch if this fixes the problem I was having actually.