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When founding this topic I made a decision to spare the added drama as explained in another topic here 

Remote Hacker, Root-Bootkits, Google-Microsoft and also computer hyjack.

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Although the just difference are some certain details while the terrible results are just the exact same. 
All of the various other specialists in the field that I have contacted previously can not determine a trouble via the laptop computers however they were unable to provide a valid explacountry of the "behaviour" of the laptops / all 3 of them/ and a number of phones also /and furthermore - expressed their fear of digging into "this" because their machines could likewise acquire infected  and become usemuch less. They / a university professor and also experienced in the National Laboratory of Computer Virology and also Microsoft experts, and some other it professionals/ argued that these problems could be an outcome of something embedded at a deeper level in the kernel mode.
I have actually no field of expertise in this field whatsoever and the information I am offering here could be too much in a way and also totally naive yet I am doing this in the hope that this could someexactly how aid via the interpretation of the various other symptoms and also aid describe the whole photo of the poor remotely managed state of my laptops. 
In the exceptionally beginning of this nightmare I could run a Malwarebytes shave the right to and detect a variety of rootkits. But now the just regimen that indicates "something" is Gmer /I tired to run it a few times on my other laptop/ but the scans are  terminated because of some error eexceptionally single time and also can never complete. 
Many of the times as soon as I am shutting down the laptops I check out an alert that tright here are various other customers logged and also they might  loose their data if I proceed via the shut dvery own BUT I never before log even more than one lappeak and respectively - user/ this being me/ to the netjob-related / simply to point out that I have readjusted a number of routers and internet carriers in the meantime/. 
I provided to have actually some Groups mounted on the lapheight and after trying to figure out what they are for I contacted Microsoft assistance and also was told that this was some server associated software and given that this is a private computer it need to not be on my computer by no means. Now, I have the Cisco folder that I have actually mentioned formerly.
There were likewise some extremely stressful shutdowns of the laptops after which the laptop computers showed no signs of life at all - no light, no booting, nothing that lasted from a couple of days to a week or so and the laptops might not be started even via a live cd yet every one of a sudden they "RESURRECTED" as if nothing has actually ever happened  / one of the laptops however died permanently just in the middle of me preparing a comprehensive task documentation so that I was required to connect my brand brand-new other laptop to the internet /storing the sensitive data/ so that I gained sabotaged again /
As with the previous times as soon as I tried to seek for assist - the creature /absolutely lacking all huguy features / on the remote manage side follows a pattern - firstly - makes it practically difficult to even post a topic /by establishing all sorts of restrictions on programs and also user privileges, internet link restrictions, internet browser crashes etc/, and also then enters a mode of keeping a low profile simply prefer this time.
Tbelow are still wakes of the lapheight suggested by the Power Troubleshooter as "Unknown" /as defined in my previous posts/  that follow no schedule at all. 
- tbelow were several situations once I was unable to usage the cursor / this symptom was more than likely the first one I noticed ever - it will certainly start relocating everywhere the desktop on its "own" and open and close programs simply prefer once an administrator on a firm netoccupational would certainly take over a computer system to resolve smth/
-strangely to me the bleeping computer alert showed up to be moved in my spam folder yet as you could uncover some legitimate explacountry for this considering the current regulations thing going on in the past week - this is not the first time I am "loosing" crucial emails / for instance from establishments about my job-related / that I can not receive/ find though they were resent a couple of times just because this influenced my income!/
Please, discuss the detailed symptoms and also please, disregard my bad expertise and understanding of these kind of issues - I am a quick learner and also I am even more that eager to advance /sadly/ into this via your guidance.

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Hi AG,Thank you for the logs. Please tell me whether your laptop feels exceptionally warmth after it runs for about 10 minutes. Thanks likewise for the in-depth summary of symptoms.GSmartControl for WindowsLet"s examine for feasible hardware faiattract of your C drive (physical disk 1). 

Double click gsmartmanage.exe and also follow the prompts to install the regimen all the method with to the Finish button.Press the Windows Key + E at the exact same time.Navigate to and also double click C:Program Files (86)gsmartcontrol (select the application and also not the icon).Allow the regime to search for and list your difficult drive(s).Double click on drive C.A Device Information window will certainly open.Click the Percreate Tests tab.Make sure that the Test type is collection to Quick Self-test.Click Execute.After the test completes (in about one or 2 minutes), click View Output and copy and paste the contents right into your reply.

In your next reply...

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Does your lapheight feel very heat after it runs for ten minutes?Copy and paste the disk diagnostic report.Any various other symptoms to tell me?

Thank you,Ray

I don"t accept payment for my assist, but it would please me if you percreate a kindness for your neighbor. You could additionally contact your regional pet sanctuary. They have the right to constantly use a bag of kibble or a couple of cans of pet food. Who knows... you might also find a life-long furry friend tbelow.


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Hi Ray



The laptop does not feel warm at all. As for the symptoms - the last "unknown" wake was on May 29th and I have actually not noticed anything given that then yet why would 

  use the backdoor while 
  is watching /metaphorically speaking/?