Vmware error loading operating system

Dears , I have a physical windows server 2003R2 with different applications and software application mounted on it. I have run disk2vhd to transform it right into a digital disk, tried booting with hyper-v organize running windows server 2012 R2, and also acquired the error "Error Loading operating system". I tried to connect an iso image of windows server 2003 r2 and to boot right into recoextremely mood, run the complying with regulates :fixmbr (Fixes MBR)fixboot (Fixes Boot Sector)bootcfg /rebuild (Lists all Windows installations that you have the right to add)Reboot! (form Exit)however the problem still persists, please any kind of help is much appreciated.

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Which of the complying with retains the indevelopment it's storing once the system power is turned off?



Before you converted the disk, did you add the IDE disk drivers? It"s been a while but I seem to remember that if your Server 2003 mechanism only had actually SCSI drives you would have to add the motorists for IDE disks (maybe vice versa) bereason of a limitation in the hyper-v emulated drives for Server 2003.

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Here"s a pair of links - one right here at Spicefunctions and one on TechNet. Like I said it"s been a long time considering that I did this so all I remember is having to play through the IDE and SCSI motorists on the physical server prior to the conversion.



I had actually this via P2Ving a 2003 right into a Hyper-V. First yes be certain to usage VHD. Then mount the VHD right into the Hyper-V host. Then you need to pack the SYSTEM regisattempt of the 2003 server into the Hyper-V organize. Start regedit on your HyperV host and import the SYSTEM on the 2003 drive you simply placed. Then you have to readjust some reg secrets, then export the SYSTEM from regmodify then unmount the drive and also begin the VM.

This attach containes the reg tricks that have to be readjusted.

I have to throw this out tright here produce a new vm through windows 2016 and also lug over data from a backup reinstall the applications needed and also be done I bet money this will certainly take just as a lot time or much less doing this and also you will certainly be updated to latest and biggest.

Tx1TG17Y wrote:

Are you sure you didn"t convert it to a VHDX and not a VHD?

Why, this does not matter. A VHDX does not identify the generation of a VM, Gen1 VMs deserve to use VHDX.

Did you transform the full disk or just the partition? You have to perform the full disk, not simply the Windows partition.

Running Disk2VHD and also loading that disk is not enough, motorists will certainly be absent for hardware that old.

Do a VtoV conversion on that virtual disk through vCenter Converter to install drivers and fix boot blocks that might be mangled by proprietary antique RAID controllers.

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If vCenter Converter complains around vehicle drivers you will need to acquire them from Microsoft"s internet website.

Brett3732 that"s a vmware tool, are you suggesting to re-capture the machine utilizing this tool or to transform the currently captured VHD with that tool ?

deserve to you please elaborate more?

And give thanks to you males for the assist :) 

I have actually tried the Vcenter, it came back with the below error :

FAILED: Unable to create a VSS snapshot of the resource volume(s). Error code:2147754776 (0x80042318).

after checking online it mirrors that the issue might be led to by the volume shadow copying or from if the quantities were FAT and also not NTFS.

the volume that I was trying to convert is an NTFS volume, and I did not know what to perform about the (VSS)

1. Downfill VMWare for complimentary and also install on a unused junk box.

2. load the VHD right into VMWare on the junk box.

3. Do a VtoV convariation on the VHD, which will certainly resolve chauffeurs. If VtoV desires drivers, google deserve to uncover them from Microsoft.

4. Run the VHD on VMWare. Or failing that fill the disks on a working VM and also use home windows repair tools to fix/rearea the boot blocks.

5. Export the functioning VM to Windows.

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It took me about eight tries to convert a 2003 box through an unsupported RAID that messed through the boot blocks, save googling.

(The boot blocks had the RAID controller driver rather of Windows driver, which was mapped in other places.)

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