Vlc media player gray screen

I"m utilizing Windows 8 and also sometimes once I"m watching .avi file, the video transforms entirely grey. Then if I"m lucky, it goes earlier to normal a couple secs later on. I recognize it isn"t the video"s fault because the trouble never occurs at the very same place.

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How deserve to I resolve this problem?

FYI, I"m utilizing the the majority of up-to-day variation of VLC media player.



Try playing with the file caching establishing.

Tools > Preferences > Show Settings: All (bottom left) > Input/Codecs > State-of-the-art section > Documents Caching

I adjusted it from 300ms to 1000ms and also it solved the trouble. I suspect the grey screen problem happens whenever VLC fails to get the video data from the drive quick sufficient (sluggish drive/various other programs accessing it).

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I had actually this problem. It appeared like VLC was using too much CPU.Solved it by installing the 64little bit version of VLC. vlc-2.2.1-win64.exe


I found out that playing a video in VLC that is being accessed by one more regime, uTorrent in my situation, would reason multiple grey displays throughout the playago.

I either closed the regime (uTorrent) that was accessing the video or quit it from making use of it. I rebegan the video and also no more grey displays appeared.


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