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User Manual for Vivitar 50-in-1 Memory Card Reader Writer

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Contents of the user hand-operated for the Vivitar 50-in-1 Memory Card Reader Writer Product category: Memory Card Readers Vivitar Brand: Vivitar Description and also content of package Technical information and also fundamental settings Frequently asked questions – FAQ Troubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what execute I perform if...) Authorized organization for Vivitar Memory Card Readers
User hands-on for the Vivitar 50-in-1 Memory Card Reader Writer contain fundamental instructions that need to be followed throughout installation and also procedure. Before starting your appliance, the user hand-operated should be check out with carefully. Follow all the safety and security instructions and also warnings, and also be guided by the provided recommendations. User manual is an integral part of any kind of Vivitar product, and if it is offered or moved, they should be handed over jointly through the product. Following the instructions for use is a crucial prerequiwebsite for protecting health and also residential or commercial property throughout usage, as well as acknowledgment of licapability on the part of the manufacturer for feasible defects have to you make a warranty insurance claim. Downfill an main Vivitar user manual in which you will certainly uncover instructions on how to install, usage, preserve and business your product. And do not forgain – unsuitable use of a Vivitar product will substantially shorten its lifespan!

Product description

This black 50-in-1 Memory Card Reader / Writer from Vivitar lets you carry files on your card to a computer with a USB port. The reader is compatible via the adhering to memory cards: Slot 1: MemoryStick, MS Magic Gate, MS PRO, MS PRO (MG), Extreme MS PRO, Extreme III MS PRO, HS MS PRO, HS MS MG PRO, MS Duo, MS Duo (MG), MS PRO Duo, MS PRO DUO (MG), HS MS PRO Duo, HS MS MG PRO Duo, MS Select, MS PRO Ultra II, MS PRO Duo Ultra II, MS ROM, M2 Slot 2: CF, CF II, CF 3.0, EXTREME III CF, EXTREME CF, ULTRA II CF, HS CF, XS-XS CF, CF ELITE PRO, CF PRO, CF PRO II, CF 4.0, IBM MD, HITACHI MD, MAGIC STOR MS Slot 3: SD, MiniSD, HS MiniSD, EXTREME SD, EXTREME III SD, ULTRA SD, ULTRA II SD, ULTRA II SD PLUS, SD-ULTRA-X, ULTRA SPEED SD, SD PRO, SDHC, SD ELITE PRO, HS SD, MMC, MMC 4.0, HS MMC, HS RS MMC, RS MMC, RS MMC 4.0, MMC MOBILE, MMC MICRO, MMC PLUS, MMC 4.2 Slot 4: MicroSD (T-flash) Slot 5: XD MiniSD, RS MMC, RS MMC 4.0, MMC MOBILE, and MMC MICRO call for a secondary adapter UPC: 681066430637 Table of Components

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Technical parameters

Vivitar VIV-RW-5000-BLK Specs
Memory Card Slots 1 x CompactFlash Type II1 x Memory Stick PRO Duo1 x microSD (Unstated Type)1 x SDHC1 x xD
Host Computer Interface USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s)
Bus Power None
Package Weight 0.1 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.9 x 3.4 x 1.0"


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