Virtualbox error loading operating system

Fixing disk geometry for "error loading operating system" (Windows XP from VMWare)

by GernotH » 2. Apr 2020, 10:40

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I hope this short article have the right to assist others importing working VMs (not only Windows XP) from VMWare Workstation/Player to (converted via ovftool), enduring from "error loading operating system", where the original VMWare VMs job-related fine in VMWare Workstation/Player.Symptom:VMWare Workstation/Player Windows XP online machine converted to OVF and also imported right into does not boot, displaying "error loading operating system" on babsence display does not properly set the disk geomeattempt in certain imported VDI documents.A basic solve to the VDI disk geometry solves the problem, utilizing CHS information from original VMDK file:Code: Select all Expand viewCollapse viewvbox-img geometry --filename .vdi --format VDI --cylinders --heads --sectors Checks:No evident concerns via disk controller setting or MBR.Several threads (listed at end) referenced. Many type of dealt with problems regarded P2V process. Usual issues were Windows XP drivers and MBR. These are not applicable in this situation.Several unresolved threads seem to be prefer this situation.Solution:One or 2 of the referenced threads discussed disk geomeattempt issues in converted digital conversion of VDMK disk throughout OVF import does not effectively set the CHS (cylinder/head/sector) worths in the VDI file for the imported VMDK disk under particular conditions. I think from analysis the miscellaneous threads that the developers have declared that only typical geomeattempt of 255 heads and 63 sectors is supposed, and that the VMDK CHS indevelopment is ignored. When this expectation is not met, the VDI file will have the wrong information.Check the original VMDK and also converted VDI disk geomeattempt in VBox.log.Manually collection correct geomeattempt making use of vbox-img command also.Details:Two original VMWare VMs, both clones of the exact same Windows XP Home VM, utilizing VMWare, most likely VMWare Workstation 9.x on Debian GNU/linux 32-little bit or 64-bit, at some point around 2010-2014.Current hardware (Intel Core2Duo motherboard) too old for latest VMWare Workterminal, while Debian GNU/linux kernel also brand-new for old VMWare workstation 9 or 10 to construct necessary modules.So, I converted the VMWare digital devices (both via VMWare workstation 9 hardware compatibility) to OVF and also attempted to import into 6.1.4, throughout which the VMDK disk is imported as a VDI file (this is where the trouble arises).One of them worked fine, the various other did not, through the error stated.The outcomes was the exact same whether perdeveloping conversion and also import on my 64-little bit Debian GNU/linux machine or on 64-little bit Windows 10.Despite reading of many threads around this error, and also trying to settle from the OS level, it turned out that the difficulty was incompatible disk geomeattempt in the VMDK file, and also import does not appropriately usage the data in the VDI disk file.So, the solution I discovered wregarding adjust the geometry of the VDI disk file.After importing and also attempting to boot the imported VMs in, I can watch In the VBox.log file the original VMWare VMDK file CHS indevelopment and also the converted result.First (working) Windows XP Home:Checking VMDK:
SCSI capacity: 83886080logical sector size 512geomeattempt (CHS): 5221/255/63
VBox.log file after importing OVF (which converts VMDK to VDI file):
CHS = 1024/255/63VMWare was 5221/255/63
vbox-img reflects 1024/255/63 in VDI diskCode: Select all Expand viewCollapse viewvbox-img info --filename .vdmk

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00:00:01.326888 PcBios: SCSI LUN#0 LCHS=1024/255/6300:00:01.378575 VMMDev: Guest Log: BIOS: SCSI 0-ID#0: LCHS=1024/255/63 0x0000000005000000 sectors
vbox-img reflects 0/0/0 in VDI diskCode: Select all Expand viewCollapse viewvbox-img information --filename .vdmk results:
00:00:01.191130 PcBios: SCSI LUN#0 LCHS not provided00:00:01.230446 VMMDev: Guest Log: BIOS: SCSI 0-ID#0: LCHS=5220/255/63 0x0000000005000000 sectors
CorrectionSolution was to usage vbox-img, consisted of through, to readjust the geometry of the VDI disk:Code: Select all Expand also viewCollapse viewvbox-img geometry --filename .vdi --format VDI --cylinders 5874 --heads 255 --sectors 56Now that this matched the geomeattempt of the original VMDK file, Windows booted up perfectly.VBox.log entries:
00:00:01.140001 PcBios: SCSI LUN#0 LCHS=5874/255/5600:00:01.187537 VMMDev: Guest Log: BIOS: SCSI 0-ID#0: LCHS=1024/255/56 0x0000000005000000 sectors

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I have actually no explanation why one clone had a geometry which was compatible through expectations, and the various other one had a different geometry.Referenced threads: