Virtual disk manager the operation is not supported by the object


Error extfinishing volume size not sustained on the computer system once you try to extfinish partition at Disk Management in Windows system? Don’t worry, you deserve to still extend disk partition without Disk Management.

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by Andrew Wright


Error extfinishing volume size not supported

Disk low space is one of the primary reasons behind slow-moving operating system and also mechanism failure. It also stays clear of you to add any kind of more recent software program or update existing ones. It"s unpreventable given that Windows gets update routinely and we also add new softwares for better performance. After a certain period of time, we discover yourself in an important instance. Now we have include room to the volume or complimentary it up for optimal performance. So what to do?

Error extending volume dimension not supported using disk management

Disk totally free up is a short-lived solution to the trouble. So the next logical alternative is to usage the Windows integrated tool disk management. Trusting it we open up it and finds that it has some particular troubles. First of all to extend a volume we need an unallocated room. Suppose we have actually some unallocated space coincidently and also currently we still can"t do it. Because the unallocated room need to be at the appropriate side of a drive we desire to include some room. If it"s not tbelow then sorry to say, you will not be able to perform that. You currently have to delete the partition and develop unalsituated space for the desired drive.

Issues via Disk Management: SIZE NOT SUPPORTED

Suppose you have fulfilled all the criteria and also found the unalsituated area. You have entered the appropriate number at the “Extfinish Volume” dialogue and also pressed ok. But currently there is an concern, an error showing extfinish failed. The reason is “Error extfinishing volume: Size Not Supported”. It happens because tright here a partition/drive in between the original partition and the unallocated room. So after checking all the boxes, there is still no guarantee that disk administration will certainly let you extend the volume. This kind of “Error extending volume dimension not supported” typically shows once there is one or even more partition between the original partition(that you desire to extend) and unallocated space.

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Equipment of error message Error extending volume size not supported

The a lot of basic solution is to unallocated the drive space alongside the wanted disk drive you desire to extfinish. But all the information on the drive will certainly be deleted or shed. Yes you deserve to move all information to next drive yet it will consume most time & the drive have to be larger or have actually bigger area or you won"t have the ability to move all the information. So the difficulty is still there & the hazard associated to data loss is still visible.

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Extend volume making use of IM-Magic Partition Resizer Freeware

If you want prevent all these hustles and complication and also redimension the partition conveniently and also safely then I would certainly recommfinish you to use IM-Magic Partition Resizer. It"s a freeware suggests you can use it for totally free by ssuggest downloading it from the webwebsite. To redimension making use of IM-Magic Partition Resizer, you don"t have to have actually unalsituated space beside the wanted partition. You can do it no matter wbelow the unalsituated room is. Resizing volume was never been this easier. Follow these easy steps and extend the partition size.

Tip 1: Run the IM-Magic-Partition resizer & uncover all easily accessible disk partitions

Step 2: Find the partition, right-click to pick “resize/move partition,” option.