Video tdr failure atikmpag.sys windows 10 amd

The video_tdr_faientice atikmpag.sys alert means that something went wrong with your AMD / ATI graphic card.Don"t problem because usually, it"s just a software problem between your graphics card and Windows 10.

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2. Reinstall the graphic chauffeurs from Safe Mode

From System Configuration switch to Boot tab.Save and apply your changes and restart the Windows 10 mechanism.From Safe Setting, access Device Manager as already confirmed and discover your graphic cards.Right-click each driver and pick uninstall.Install the latest version of the Intel chipcollection driver on your computer system.

3. Use CMD commands

First of all, download the latest developed of ATI / AMD graphics card driver.Next off, on your computer system navigate towards the complying with path: C:WindowsSystem32drivers.Look for the atikmdag.sys file and rename it right into atikmdag.sys.old.Access the ATI catalog located on your C drive and also copy-paste the atikmdag.sy_ file on desktop computer.In cmd kind chdir desktop and push Enter (this will certainly change the default cmd directory).Go into expand.exe atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys and also push Get in.Copy the atikmdag.sys file from your desktop and place it to C:WindowsSystem32DriversRebegin your Windows 10 mechanism in the end.

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Note: If you are making use of an NVIDIA or Intel screen driver the concern will certainly be slightly various bereason the error code is called nvlddmkm.sys or igdkmd64.sysyet the options from over need to help you settle them.

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For even more indevelopment on exactly how to solve errornvlddmkilometres.sys, inspect out this troubleshooting overview.